Sunday, January 22, 2017

Black Hole Sun: Won't you come and wash away the stain...

PupPOTUS 3D unit. What is it good for?

Promising change but ultimately delivering more of the same while its master puppets go on building underground bunkers as the declared federal budget is dwarfed by multitudes in black projects.

Now the latest trick pulled out of and onto a hat is to make America Great Again.

Are we looking at the final days of the late, Great Divided States of America?

Massive women led protests Vs festive inauguration celebrations?

All the while the real fissure is still brewing, and brewing...

Are we truly in the last days of a blissfully unprotected electrical grid when the Solar X flares come a knockin'?

Zombie apocalypse in the making?

or this?

Great or Terrible?


Oh What will the massive solar fissure flares that will blow through the 4 winds' protective modular shield do to the Earth and its supposed over populous?

Great? Terrible? Both

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