Friday, August 14, 2015

Dear Master puppets of this Prison Planet

There will be no camouflaging this warning. If you think your manipulative engineering has stabilized the system that you continue rigging at the expense of the multitude, you are dreadfully mistaken. All your efforts are in vain. Your system is a house of cards that collapses in an instant. You preparation is in vain. The underground hideaways you have created to sustain yourselves will indeed become the ovens the radiation that will seep from the Earth's core shall bake you in. You only have two choices: A) Either you cease your manipulative ways in putting stumbling blocks in front of the ones who will use your capital to re-engineer the system for the salvation of the species. B) A massive solar flare will deal an end to your mirage of a system swiftly and justly and you will then be exposed to the harsh fate you have fashioned for this planet.

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