Thursday, September 06, 2012

Dam Shaq (aka Deemashk aka Damascus aka blood of brother)

The time for a political solution was in March of 2011 when those tortured kids were still alive. All this Blood shed awaits the final solution. That solution involves a Palace and it comes from the sky and it is heavy as it falls on the head of Bashar Al Wahsh( aka Bashar The Beast since the translated as Lion "Al Assad" is a fictitious name created by Hafez to hide the true family name) Over a proposed 24 hr period of aerial bombardment, The French and Saudis were ready to deliver the final solution on the Syrian Palace in late Spring but they could not get logistical support from the United States in providing only what the US can provide: Jamming of Syrian Air Defense systems to guarantee little damage to the attacking Fighter Jets. Low rank US Army personnel have admitted being right there with Moshe Dayan during the 6 day war. They spilled the beans on that but were silent on whether they even visited Via Dolorosa. If low rank personnel were present, their superiors were actually running the Israeli campaign while it looked otherwise. Why would the United States be running another "sovereign" country's War? Just like in a game of Chess, you sacrifice your Pawn. Israel is the US Pawn because it houses the US's 1st strike Nuclear armament against any Soviet/Russian threat. How so? The deterrent against the overwhelming Soviet Nuclear arsenal was a retaliatory proximity that would wipe out the Russians way before their first strike Missiles landed in the USA. Those that understand what is truly going on Geo-politically can see through the charade that is being perpetrated against the masses. The United States has not attacked Syria because, unlike Iraq, Syria does possess weapons of mass destruction. There are dueling elitist factions that want to see a thinning of the Human herd via a cataclysmic 3rd World War and there are its opponents who are trying to do their best to stop it. In the meantime, due to blood lust and the lack of value of human life, the blood letting of innocent blood goes on.