Monday, November 15, 2010

"Something needs to be done about Bernanke". No Kidding

Weimark Republic also went through a nice growth phase that was masking hyperinflation.

Then hyperinflation exploded like Taleb's spilled Ketchup analogy.

The currency went into a confidence crisis collapse.

And Germany started a World War within the next decade.

The same thing is happening here except very few of those cheering the quantitative easing have any idea.

They are busy worshiping the Golden Calf on Wall Street.

There are forces in play that are pushing towards the complete collapse of the United States as we know.

There are always unintended blow back events to every type of policy.

The United States will not stand around for more than a decade and watch itself marginalized by a hyperinflationary collapse of its monetary base.

There are several theories as to why a collapse of the United States is needed.

The US is the #1 Military/Police Power in the World. That is a threat to those that are in competition in this economic World War.

The US, with only 5% of the World's population, is consuming 30% of the World finite resources.

This is an obvious threat to other World Powers, including a growing threat from 1.3 Billion person China.

Then there are the Global Controllers who feel this is their planet to run and would feel more secure with a 90% reduction of the Earth's population.

The unveiling of the charade that is this endless money printing response to continuing Global financial collapse seems to be a misdirection play from some greater threat/upcoming event....

To say something is not right with the World today is an understatement.

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