Thursday, November 04, 2010

Ben The Butcher: The Final Moral Hazard

Ben Bernanke, You have blood on your hands.

Have you no shame? Or a shred of decency or a single ounce of humanity in your hollow heart?

Your Private Cartel's policies have led to a 15% decline in the dollar in the last couple of months and a recently never before seen daily decline of 1-2% just this week.

About 2 billion of the world's poor barely survive on less than $2 a day.

Your destructive monetary policy towards the world's only reserve currency will be responsible for the starvation death of more people than all the combined Tyrants of Earth's stained History.

That's right!

Your legacy will be that of the butcher point man for a group of heartless people who are willingly committing mass genocidal starvation of up to 2 billion people while making the rest destitute serfs.

Your intentions for a Wealth Effect catalyst in flooding the Stock and Bond markets with cheap money are backfiring and will lead to a cataclysmic world wide famine.

There are many ways you could have helped the US economy recover.

Your choice of cynically attempting to inflate one last bubble in the markets speaks of your utter contempt for the billions of suffering human beings that are hopelessly trapped at the bottom end of society.

Instead of spending 12 trillion! in a bid to save the den of vipers and thieves known as the Banking cartel that owns your FED and controls you as their puppet point man, you could have used only 4 trillion! to buy all the mortgages in this country and even offer the rest of the citizenry a chance at a free home.

Your thinking is: Why would you do this for everyone and take away the biggest obstacle that is in effect their primary form of economic bondage.

You would term this as a Moral Hazard.

I have news for you: You have become a Moral Hazard and your reckless monetary policies will make you the Final Moral Hazard.

There are economic forces at work that are way beyond your vanity and your capability in fighting them.

Your actions can only do one thing: make things worse.

You have chosen to destroy the purchasing power of everybody and the poor completely.

The poor and working poor barely have enough money to buy food and clothes, let alone shelter. They have no discretionary money to put in play with your stock market casino buddies in hope of riding the wealth effect pump that you misguidedly attempting to shove down everybody's throat.

They're the ones that make up the majority of the 22% unemployed in this country.

You know that your policies cannot help them but they can kill them.

You are smart enough to know that it will not work.

It can only destroy the purchasing power of the US dollar and rob away the life of those that use it as primary form of what little currency they possess.

This is not Zimbabwe or Brazil or Argentina.

There is no reserve currency to turn to as one's currency is being debased to pay off debt. You are debasing the world's reserve currency and in doing so, you will become known as Butcher Ben, the man bearing the responsibility of committing the greatest genocide in the history of this Planet.

The idiots on Wall Street that proudly think of themselves as the smart money do not see the end of this road that you are paving. They are too busy cheering your flawed policies as you debase the currency and they watch their worthless paper gains expand continuously.

They are being egged on by you in levering up to ride this Final Moral Hazard to financial oblivion.

They cheer stock market highs not knowing that shortly, records will be broken in a hollow fashion: The DOW may hit 100k but it will be in worthless currency that nobody wants any part of.

Nobody that remains alive that is.

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