Thursday, May 06, 2010

Trader types in a B instead of an M and the whole Ponzi market collapses in mere minutes!

Sources say that a trader entered the wrong letter when apparently selling the hell out of the market( was he trying to selling a billion or a million) and that is the real or disinformation answer as to why the Dow Jones index lost almost 7% of its total value in 15 minutes only to gain almost all of that back 20 minutes later.

Almost everybody knows that the market is manipulated by a hidden and often computerized hand but this is becoming absurd.

Another hour or two of this level of selling and there would not have been a stock market left to manipulate.

That does not compute. The days of 1000 point DOW crash per day are coming but not before some little 1 week before skyrocket marker outlier and ladies and gentlemen, this has not occurred yet because there is a certain oft delayed court case that is currently in limbo.

In the meantime, keep on getting the informative North East West South months,weeks and years before it becomes air wave OLDS.

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