Friday, April 30, 2010

Will Government Sachs get criminally indicted? Or is it just a show?

Five Years ago this April, Elliot Spitzer had a chance to stop Wall Street's impending Casino fiasco by doing one thing that he ended up refusing to do:

Criminally indicting AIG. It would have severly affected the stock market but it would have pricked the bubble 3 years before it blew up.

Elliot Spitzer did nothing.

AIG was rigging their own reinsurance schemes with some of the 280 subsidiary insurance shell companies that they controlled secretely or not so secretly.

AIG even had ensnared Warren Buffet into their own reinsurance fraud schemes.

They were busy defrauding state pension and unemployment funds while simultaneously helping high net worth individuals through tax evasion schemes.

They were busy shredding paper night and day in the bahamas.

Yet, nothing was done. No one was arrested. Ex AIG CEO Maurice "Hank" Greenberg seemed untouchable due to his high up Military Industrial Complex connections.

He skipped the country for month and was forced to resign. He even went as far as wanting to claim back some underwear he left at AIG's offices.

Greenberg used to have a luxury bathroom on his private jet that only his family and dog could use. His pilots had to use the mini toilet in the front.

Greenberg was also using a shell and seperate company linked to AIG to pay off his high up executives using AIG stock held by the seperate company he controlled.

All in a scheme to make it look like AIG was making record profits when in fact they were busy picking up nickles in front of steamrollers in selling disaster scenario credit default swap insurance to the banking cabal on the street.

Now we are standing at another threshold.

Will the Justice department have the courage to indict Goldman Sachs and their co conspirator banks on the street and in Europe(that partook in the bailout) or will they only give Goldman and their peers a slap on the wrist settlement and wait a few years until Goldman and their gang have completely destroyed our economy?

Let's remember that AIG was involved in increasing the insurance on the World Trade Centers shortly before they fell down. Convenient so.

Now we go back to Goldman Sachs. They have been proven to adversly bet against their clients and they have no problems in doing so.

They are busy front running any and all lucrative trades on Wall Street.

They receive the Government's manipulated economic numbers long before they are released to the public. Let's not forget that being a shareholder of the Federal Reserve, they are privy to the FED's meeting minutes weeks before they are released.

They serve no purpose other than to enrich themselves using public money. They are not a real bank and even if they were there is no real money they are risking. They only risk printed money that the American Tax payer is liable for.

Their former CEO was able to smoothly move over to being the head of the Treasury department thereby acomplishing two vital things:

1) Selling all his hundreds of millions of dollars in shares of Goldman without triggering a panic dumping of the stock as people would get suspicious to his dumping of his shares.

2) Getting a Tax exemption for the Government allowing him to not pay a dime in taxes on the shares that he sold.

He then proceeds to work his way manipulating our Government's and the Quasi Government FED's moves into who should get the bailout and when.

His company's similarly overleverd competitors were set to bite the dust clearing the way for his company to become either the sole clearing house in most of the lucrative monetary vehicles or at most part of a duopoly.

Due to their ability to control our Government by buying their support through campaign finance bribery and continously placing their cronies in high up sensitive economic positions and other positions of influence, Goldman Sachs has turned the White House, Senate and House of Representatives in captured entities who continously do their bidding.

This is not capitalism. This is not democracy nor is our country's leadership behaving as if this is a constitutional republic.

This is not even thinly veiled fascism that Mussolini would be proud of for its effective brutality.

That is why we must be suspicious of any Government Led investigations into Goldman Sachs:

"Justice Department Reviewing SEC Case Against Goldman Sachs
Govt. Sources: DOJ Reviewing Whether SEC Case Warrants Criminal Investigation

Officials at the U.S. Department of Justice are reviewing whether the Securities and Exchange Commission's recent fraud charges against Wall Street giant Goldman Sachs warrant a full-scale criminal investigation, two government sources told ABC News.
Goldman Faces Possible Action From Germany, UK

Stock prices whiz by on a ticker near the Goldman Sachs booth on the floor of the New York Stock Exchange, April 16, 2010 in New York. The Wall Street Journal is reporting that the Department of Justice is reviewing the Securities and Exchange Commission's civil fraud case against the investment giant.

It's unclear what specific deals or which Goldman Sachs employees are part of the Justice Department's review and whether criminal charges will ever be filed. The Wall Street Journal reported today that the federal prosecutors were investigating whether Goldman employees committed securities fraud in connection to the firm's mortgage trading.

Goldman spokesman Michael Duvally declined to confirm the Justice Department's involvement, as first reported by the Journal.

"Given the recent focus on the firm, we are not surprised by the report of an inquiry. We would fully cooperate with any requests for information," he said.

The Journal described the department's review as an investigation that is in a "preliminary stage" based out of the Manhattan U.S. Attorney's Office.

The SEC filed a civil lawsuit against Goldman two weeks ago, alleging that the firm defrauded its investors."

The is a high likelyhood of collusion between the SEC and Goldman Sachs in the fortuitous release of the civil case on an options expiration day, allowing Goldman Sachs's traders to profit from the nad news by buying put options on their own stock in addition to their confirmed large purchases of put options on the S&P exchange the morning of the indictment.

Again, we must ask the Justice Department: Can you be trusted in not being either on the take from Goldman Sachs and the rest of the NY FED racket and or being captured entities that are just for show?

Will we get a real investigation? Can we handle the truth?

"Barofsky Threatens Criminal Charges in AIG Coverup, Goldman Sachs Abacus Deal, TARP Insider Trading; New York Fed Implicated

The day that Tim Geithner lands in jail will be a day of celebration. Don't count on it soon or ever, but Neil Barofsky, Special Inspector General for the Troubled Asset Relief Program (SIGTARP), is now threatening criminal charges.

Please cheer the following headline: Barofsky Says Criminal Charges Possible in Alleged AIG Coverup"

Those in the know about what is really going on Wall Street and their captured entities in Government know that a real investigation with teeth that bite will end up putting the following minions in front of a Judge in and have them get their perp walks:

Alan Greenspan

Timothy Geitner

Ben Bernanke

Larry Summers

Bob Rubin

Hank Paulson

Stephen Friedman

Maurice Greenberg

Warren Buffet

This is only a short list of low level minions in the Global Con game of finance.

Getting them in front of a judge and throwing the book at them will help in allowing them to fess up who really is running the strings here.

Old man Rockefeller?

There needs to be a real investigation armed with RICO charges backing and it needs to go wherever it may go even if it leaves the current charade of an economic system and its resultant Gamblepitalism ponzi schemed markets in shambles.

It's a sham now and it will continue to be a sham until it is washed away and replaced by non collusive and corrupt individuals and captured entities.

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