Tuesday, April 06, 2010

We bailed out the Parasitic Bankers and now they're back at it again.

We gave Wall Street's usurious Leviathans Goldman Sachs, JP Morgan and European counterparts a second lease on their parasitic lives and what they’ve given us is another bubble in oil just like the last one.

In a recent article, Goldman’s CEO joked that he was doing God’s work. He is. It’s just that he does not know he is the wicked in the “even the wicked are there for the Glory of God” part of Proverbs.

There a lots of unsavory/barbaric accounts and “deified” orders to butcher innocents in the Old Testament but that one right there is spot on to what is going on in Today’s world.

Goldman put out of business a 2.5 Billion dollar oil company during the last oil run up.

How did they do that? By getting the company to sell an outsize position of out of the money oil futures as a hedge that ended up killing them.

Who was the counter party to those contracts? Goldman Sachs.

If they are doing God’s work, then God surely works in more mysterious ways than I thought.

These are the gambling carnal cretins we bailed out so they can go back to destroying what’s left of our economy:



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