Saturday, April 10, 2010

If Franz Ferdinand's driver does not take the wrong turn.......

after the first attempted assassination of the Archduke failed, there would not have been a World War I triggered by the various defense treaties.

Had there not been a World War I, Germany would not have lost it and plunged into the Depression that led to the rise of Hitler and his banker funded World War II which lead to various holocausts and catastrophes of millions of people from all creeds that ultimately lead to continuous Middle East Conflicts.

Had that one event not occurred, the tragedy of the massacre of Katyn would not have happened, its 70th anniversary would not have been commemorated with the tragic death of Poland's President, his wife and countless other elected and appointed officials from Poland

"The pavement in front of President Kaczynski's palace in central Warsaw has nearly disappeared from sight, covered now with thousands of small glass pots containing candles laid as a mark of respect, the BBC's Duncan Kennedy reports from the city.

Mr Kaczynski's body was brought back from Russia on Sunday. It was driven through crowd-lined streets to the palace, where it will lie in state.

"He taught Poles how to respect our traditions, how to fight for our dignity, and he made he made his sacrifice there at that tragic place," mourner Boguslaw Staron, 70, told the Associated Press news agency.

Among those who also died in the crash was the president's wife, Maria.

There is no precedent for a duel funeral involving a head of state and his first lady, so it is unclear if they will have a joint or separate ceremony, our correspondent says.

With a swathe cut through the top military leaders, their first deputies have taken over any immediate duties meaning that the country's armed forces are operating normally, he adds.

At the central bank, the late Slawomir Skrzypek was replaced temporarily by his deputy, Piotr Wiesiolek.

Parliamentary Speaker Bronislaw Komorowski said he would call for early elections within 14 days, in line with the constitution. The vote must be held within another 60 days.

Relatives of some of the air crash victims have been arriving in Moscow in an effort to identify their loved ones formally.

The Polish government plane was carrying dignitaries who spanned Polish public life. They had been due to attend a memorial for the Polish victims of a World War II massacre by Soviet secret police at Katyn in Smolensk.

Commentators in Poland have stressed the irony that so many senior figures were killed making a visit to commemorate victims of a massacre which targeted the elite of Poland's officer corps.

"This is so very much like Katyn, where our head was cut off," said former President Lech Walesa.... "

Fate? Happenstance?

It's almost as if there is an inherent negative energy vortex that is present at Katyn that seeks out polish officers. It would be best to stay away from Smolensk when commemorating the now double tragedies that the Polish people have suffered through their long history of suffering.

Let us hope that Smolensk is where the suffering has come to an end.

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