Thursday, April 29, 2010

If Criminal Charges are brought up against Goldman Sachs......

Will this mean that the planned 2 year hiatus from the complete crashing of the economy has been accelerated?

The Fraudulently bailed out Banksters put a gun to the head of the captured entities that are the legislative and executive branches of what once was the Government of the no longer as United States of America( Ask Arizona).

The clueless and continuously laissez-faire un cafe au leche de IV sucking on the thin air unit teat of the Bankster outfit known as Feral Federal Reserve's moula printin Bernanke Brigade.....

Congress and the Pres and the country were told that the world as we knew it would be coming to an end if we do not bail out the corrupt banking cartel racket on Wall Street and parts of Europe.

Now, after allowing the Banksters to commit the biggest treasure theft in known history,Congress members are talking criminal charges against the lead bully of the scandal: The parasitic non deposit banking entity called Goldman Sachs.

"US politicians talk criminal charges as Blankfein warns staff of more pain ahead

AFTER one day of "rigorous" grilling by US senators, Lloyd Blankfein told Goldman Sachs staff to hunker down and prepare for more pain.

In an internal voicemail sent after his marathon grilling by politicians investigating the financial crisis, Lloyd Blankfein described the US senate hearing as “rigorous” and warned colleagues that the bank was not yet out of the woods.

He had every reason to suggest that more trouble is to come. As he left his voicemail for staff, 62 American politicians were signing a letter asking the Department of Justice to investigate the possibility of bringing criminal charges against Goldman.

The letter comes after civil charges for securities fraud were brought against Goldman and one of its traders, Fabrice Tourre. The civil charges were brought by the US Securities and Exchange Commission on April 16, over the 2007 sale of a synthetic collateralised debt obligation called Abacus, which was backed by rotten mortgages.

Investors lost $US1 billion ($1.1bn) when the mortgages were defaulted on.

Said Marcy Kaptur, the Democrat congresswoman from Ohio who organised the letter: “On the face of the SEC charges, criminal fraud on an historic scale seems to have occurred in this instance.”

The DoJ has previously declined to comment on whether it investigated Abacus alongside the SEC.

Meanwhile, the Goldman Sachs CEO used voicemail to tell his bankers: “Let me remind you that we should anticipate continued external focus on Goldman Sachs for the foreseeable future."

As previously and easily predicted:

This script is obvious to those that are informed. Should we be ultra paranoid along the lines of the Documentary Esoteric Agenda?

7:35 into the clip.

If the Federal Reserve's RICO Racket( And that includes you London Based Rotten child Bauers) is insane enough to try to implement a bankrupt and enslave Americans strategy, they don't have to worry about the Tea Party civilians and others with guns who won't stand for it.

They'll have to worry about the United State's Secret Hyper dimensional DoD program that's the root cause of the massive budget deficit and the reason being of the 600 dollar plunger and 30 thousand dollar toilet.

Let's just say that the Masters of the Universe( as the bankers think of themselves) have a new thing coming.

As of this moment, these master puppets are in charge of printing money and enslaving human beings as life long serfs for it.

Their continuous and unabated consolidation of wealth and power will only lead to the sudden and cataclysmic end of their power in blistering and shocking fashion.

They won't have to worry about whether or not a criminal indictment is coming. They will have to worry about getting down a flight of stairs in their respective banking cartel buildings before the US military's UFO like Defense technology is hovering above them ready to disintegrate their offices starting with the 333 Executive Suites on 33rd floors.

Laugh right now but I heard first hand from someone belonging to one of the branches that we have Star Trek like technology.

When it's unleashed as a matter of last resort, you better hope the world markets do not open again, ever.

That is if they are still standing and have not be hyper dimensionally expunged from our reality.

Want a preview? Russia emasculated themselves by shooting off a RSM-56 Bulava missile that disappeared into this spiral. Some think it's a NAZI related breakaway civilization running above all Governments.

The Russian were busy running with their heads between their tales as they spouted off that their missile spiraled out of control into multiple layers of perfect spirals. Talk about Orwellian double speak.

Ask yourself: Who do you think got most of the NAZI Scientists in the race to Berlin?


Needless to say, if the video below is not an elaborate hoax, the Russian got the message clearly as it hovered mockingly above their humiliated power base.

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Anonymous said...

I would love for this to be true. One question: if the military really has the Star Trek tech, why don't they actually use it already? Either they don't have it, or there is someone controlling the military to keep them from using the tech. If the military brass are being controlled--by bribes or manchurian candidate style-- to not use it (assumably for reasons as crass as making sure that Halliburton was making big bux in a long drawn out conflict), could we really count on them to finally use it to vaporize the illuminati/banksters when the gone "too far"?
Agreed that the Norway and Russia incidents cannot be explained away by conventional means.