Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Goldman Octopus: We have a duty to serve our clients.............

on a Golden Platter to the Profit gods of Mammon.

More to come as the Dog and Pony Octopus hanging show continues:

$hitty deal?

$HIT: STORE HIGH IN TRANSIT otherwise what's in the security gets exposed.

Fabulous Fab: "The List includes sophisticated Hedge Funds, we should not expect to make too much money from them since they are by and large on the same side as we are"

The NY FED Goldman Sachs lead Octopus that's got our world ensnared is basically nothing more than a RICO RACKET run by people in 5 thousand dollar suits.

You walk into a movie theater for some fantasy escape from this increasingly grim reality of ours.

Ever wonder why the ticket prices you paid to get into that nice theatre keep going up and up endlessly?

Well here's your 2 part answer in a nutshell:

A: There are more people in the world. More and more everyday. There has to be more and more money created to give an incentive these people to get off their butts and do something like be working people and work to live on this slave planet of ours.

B: There are people that run something called the Federal Reserve. It's the official counterfeiting monetary organization in this country and the world based on the amount of thin air monetary units that have been created. Beside not being Federal and not having any Reserves, this quasi Government Organization that is made up of those same banks that were bailed out during the first part of the crisis, they made it look like they forced themselves to get these bailout for themselves via arm twisting by their wholly owned entity called the federal reserve the creature from Jekyll Island that has enslaved the people of this nation and the world using nothing by thin air units and cyber 1's and zeros.

If we were on another planet, they'd literally think we've gone mad with the Monopoly game economy that we live in.

The solution to the problem, per our bribed by the FED leaders, is to give the FED control over the Hen house that their member FOXES( The Banks) have been running rampant with since the Christmas eve 3-0 vote to enact the Federal Reserve act of 1913.

I've stated this several times before and I will state it again: These people are running a RICO RACKET.

This fascist mess in our country and the world in general is not going to stop until we get perp walks for the people that are in charge of the Federal Reserve Racket and their minions and overlords.

It may get Hitler level ugly before this is stopped. What we have been witnessing for the last few years are the seeds for a sequel to the impoverishment that lead Germany to start World War II.

The way to nip this in the bud is to shut down all the Federal reserve bank racket pronto and reconstitute a new national bank made up from the people who are willing to work to help restart the economy without worrying about making hundreds of millions of dollars.

I know people will shout that it sounds socialist. It is.

But it is better than the current fascist system that we have in place.

We need to have this new national bank take all the assets that the FED racket has not made worthless and use that to lend to people who want to do something other than speculate on destroying the world financially.

This national bank should lend at less than 1% interest rates, ideally zero percent loans should be given but the international speculative racket would find away to have a carry trade with this.

We should invest in our future on this planet and being able to live on it with dignity without destroying our habitat or committing to a genocidal culling of 90% of its population as a preemptive water/fuel resource hoarding plan


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