Sunday, April 18, 2010

Corrupt Politicians doing Bankster turning against Banksters?

Say it ain't so, Gordon.

Apocalyptic preview Volcanic Ash got ya seeking redemption for selling your soul to the lowest bidder Banksters?

So now Greed isn't good, Gekko?

Or is that Gordon "Greek is Good" Gekko?

"Gordon Brown has called for a "special investigation" into Goldman Sachs after reports that the bank is to pay £3.5bn in bonuses.

Speaking on the BBC's Andrew Marr Show the Prime Minister described the situation as one of "moral bankruptcy".

His criticism follows allegations by the Securities and Exchange Commission in US that Goldman defrauded investors during the sub-prime housing crisis.

Goldman strongly rejected the claims as wrong "in fact and law".

Mr Brown said that the UK Financial Services Authority should launch an immediate inquiry in co-operation with the US regulator, the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC).

The Sunday Times reported that the bank was set to pay out £3.5bn in bonuses to its staff worldwide - including almost £600m to 5,500 London-based employees - for just three months work.

On Friday, the SEC issued civil charges against Goldman that it failed to disclose conflicts of interest during the marketing of sub-prime mortgages in which investors lost $1bn.

Mr Brown said that the issue underlined the need for further reform of the international banking system. "I am shocked at this moral bankruptcy. This is probably one of the worst cases that we have seen," he said. "

This coming from the guy who sold what remained of Britain's Gold at the bottom(or what remained of Empirical Bullion that the Rotten Child has not swindled away into its subterranean vaults while awaiting the return of the Annunaki gold seekers.... The Nibiru invaders do not take thin air paper units. Rotty cannot monetize its 500 Trillion plus ownership of half the world without some non Tungsten laced Gold)

The thinking shared by this Blogger and others

is that Goldman Sachs is running out of time left where they can extort thin air monetary units before they are shut down for spear heading the RICO RACKET whose end will see the likes of low level minions such as Helicopter Ben and Turbo Tax Tim get their perp walk along with Easy Al and the rest of the cronies at 33 Liberty.

At this moment, it sounds ludicrous to make the statement above and I'm sure that The Little Prince's 500 Million Cretinous Excremental Orifice doing God's work is thinking up more ways to defraud the lower caste of humanity, but soon, these carnal cretins of financial disaster are going to be wishing for those perp walks.


They're going to be facing the hordes of penniless serfs who want someone's head on a stick and will not take a no for an answer.

Violent Vitriol? Hardly.

Sometimes, one must forecast what one sees blatantly coming down the Pike, Albert!

Even perp walks for the RICO RACKET is better than the long term forecast for this crowd at the end of this decade: Cannibalism.

The people who have been busy eating away the life essence of the bondage serfdom of humanity while accumulating soon to be worthless thin air units, will find themselves in literal eat or be eaten struggles near the end of this decade as the famine that arises out of disregarding the biggest threat to Humanity takes center stage.

The Karma Piggy bank will be broken and the hordes of the starving serfs will need bigger Walls than those that intersect broad on the little Island in the stream.

That is what they are.

In the mean time, - 100$ per share will soon be deemed too expensive a price to pay for buying Government Sachs, even for someone as daft at creating exotically worthless securities as Fabulous Fab.

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