Wednesday, April 21, 2010

AIG's Maurice Greenberg, Warrent Buffet and Goldman Sachs.

What do they have in common?

Nothing if you ask their captured mouthpiece wage slave Sebastian Mallaby:

Just like Fabulous Fab, Sebastian Mallaby is at the center of it all from the sucking at the teat side of the bank and warfare model.

Bear with me as I explain:

Warren Buffet is a large shareholder of the Washington Post. He also owns lots of Goldman sachs shares + warrants that were worth 33% more before Goldman's auspicious drop last Friday.

This is where CFR member and Washpost Columnist Sebastian comes in.

As one of the many foot soldiers of these carnal Cretinous Excremental Orifices(CEO's)of the fascist Military Industrial complex, Sebastian tries his best to whitewash this littlest of many illegal deeds pulled off by the Goldman Sachs, the poster boys of the RICO RACKET.

This is only the tip of the Iceberg..... or shall I say Greenberg?

Our country has been overtaken and become a captured entity of usurious Banksters who use our treasury to print money out of thin air in order to gamble with it to make their brand of fascist "capitalism" work as they socialize their losses(2008) and privatize the profits(Prior to and post 2008).

If we go back to 2005, had the SEC and the Justice Department gotten involved and taken the bull by the horns instead of allowing Greenberg's former attorney Elliot Spitzer to do a toothless civil investigation, AIG would have been exposed 3 years earlier than when they imploded and took structured finance down with them.

It would have also meant that Sebastian Mallaby would not have had a Maurice R. Greenberg Center for Geoeconomic Studies to direct.

Maurice "Hank" Greenberg used a re-insurer subsidiary of AIG to get some insured assets off the books of AIG in order to continue their Ponzi scheme of insuring assets that will eventually implode: assets that Goldman Sachs and others took out credit default swap levered insurance bets on knowing they would fail since they were the architects that had structured these assets to fail.

Who was the reinsurance partner of AIG's Greenberg in all of this? You guessed it: Warren Buffet, the noted large shareholder of the Washington Post, the subsidizer of this apologist bribery piece of "op-ed journalism".

You can kill them with kindness or you can Qui L'aime with sarcasm.

The Truth will set you free and lies will make you an eternal prisoner(aka the biblical state of being known as "an ISRA-EL") of your own deVICES.

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