Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Who owns the CDS on the "unbreakable bond" between USA and ISRAEL?

Is there real trouble between the United States and its Hidden Nuclear First Strike Outpost known as usurious FED Owning Rotty Founded STAR OF MOLOCH FLAG stating ISRAEL?

""The president has asked the prime minister for certain things to build confidence up to proximity talks that we think can make progress," Mr Gibbs said, referring to the peace process.

He reiterated the US position that there is an "unbreakable bond" between America and the Israeli people.

The Israelis said there had been a "good atmosphere" during Tuesday's talks.

But the BBC's Kim Ghattas in Washington notes Mr Netanyahu did not get the reception usually reserved for America's allies.

There was no press conference, no lavish welcome, and the White House did not even release a picture of the meeting.

It all signals that the US is playing tough, making clear it is upset with the Israeli government, says our correspondent."

"Palestinians have condemned the latest plans for more Jewish homes in East Jerusalem, announced as Israeli PM Benjamin Netanyahu ended a US visit.

Palestinian negotiator Saeb Erekat said Israel was "digging itself a hole", while an Israeli MP said Mr Netanyahu had "decided to spit into Obama's eye".

The announcement came as Barack Obama and Mr Netanyahu held unusually low-key talks at the White House on Tuesday.

The trip was overshadowed by the worst crisis in US-Israeli ties for decades. "

Many speculate that this constant media barrage "tough talk" against ISRAEL by the US and Britain is just cover for a planned strike on IRAN.

Even If the bond between these allies is unbreakable, is it selling at distressed levels and if so what's the spread on insuring that bond?

How many people remember the orchestrated one day 20 dollar spike that topped Oil prices in 2008 when an ISRAELI General was beating the Warmongering drums against a giddy oil state known as IRAN?

Was Goldman Sachs's proprietary market information gathering software privy to the announcement by the military wing of the STAR of MOLOCH member state?

Was that the last kicker Goldman needed to bankrupt the oil company that was "hedged" by being short oil futures?

Will the manipulative powers that be and their FED underlings crash this market with a flare up between the Title bout MOLOCH combatants of IRAN/ISRAEL?

If so, we need to guess a date. After the World Cup would be a good bet but there is no guarantee that they won't start something before the World Cup, take a month off to enjoy the games, and then continue to cull the herd of humanity as planned by the Humane Societal Genocidorganizations.

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