Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Sovereign nations Hyper inflating their debt like there is no tomorrow.

If you ran the world's largest economies and you knew the world was headed to a Global cataclysm, would you care that you are running massive federal deficits?

In order for the Treasury to exit the Government's CITI trade, Timmy needs a generous buyer of the toxic stock that is CITI.
"ending too big to fail"
"Making sure the country never faces another crisis like this"
"earned about 20% profits"

This just in Tim: You don't earn profits unless you book them in a sale. Now tell me again how you are going to book 20% profits when you are going to dump 7 Billion shares of stock?

Unless the FED has a Toxic Maiden Lane setup for billions in stock sales, by the time you get to 1 billion shares sold of CITI, your profit of 20% would have mostly disappeared.(Along the line of your disappearing tax payments of the last several years)

Not to pick on Timmy since we all know that he is the TV facing puppet of his higher ups who themselves are stooges of more sinister forces that meet once a year at bilderberg conferences all over the World.

The country won't face another crisis like this is not because these bureaucrats are going to be successful at doing this but because America would be technically too broke to suffer another failure like this since its prepetual state of existence would be a state of De Facto failure that may lead rise to an insurrection that may lead to a 4th Reich Warmongering state that is beyond the level of warmongering fascism in existence today.

Now getting back to major catastrophic planetary changes coming within the next few years ala the latest disaster films du jour, as absurd as this idea may sound to some(especially those that never thought our economy would technically collapse) it is the only logical one when looking at the exponentially ballooning budget deficits of the major powers of the world.

It's as if they are spending like they know something the layman and "informed" economist does not.

What I also want to know is whether or not the Government's primary dealer trading robots that have been circle jerk propping up this fake rally are plugged into the PROMIS electronic system in Belgium or the other way around.

This is critical to know whether they are the ones who are looking for the little fish to fry along the way or someone else and somewhere else.

The financial markets have always ran the biggest Ponzi scheme in the History of the World and they mostly did it by having Governments take on outsized debts, turned over to the Marketeers via the clueless worker drone recipients of Government Debt.

Now that Governments are turning off the faucets due to their debt going exponential, it is a race to the bottom even if they induce the comatose patient into shock treated QE2.0


The ironic thing is that this could be a hyperinflated bottom where the markets melt upwards and spiral out of control along with continuously debased currency.

Almost everybody loses that way, some more than others unless they are keeping hush hush about those major catastrophic Earth changes that we are in the midst of experiencing.

In the latest edition of Cliff High's Web Bots future forcasting Scripted Query Language(SQL) based web crawler( www.HalfpastHuman.com), Cliff's analysis of his software's data mining indicates that we may see 8 total 8.0 plus Earth quakes this year.

If that is the case, It won't be longer than 1 year after that everything as we know it may break down.

In that case, I would recommend going on a World Tour of Historic sites( I would certainly want to do that when faced with Planetary life changing as we know it event).

For everybody's sake, let's hope this is rampant paranoia gone extreme. Now if you see Carrigan Effect Red Skies at Night.......

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