Sunday, March 21, 2010

$ signed sealed, delivered it's yours. Do you really want it?

we are in the midst of a hyper deflationary depression that will turn hyper inflationary once all major economic and stock indexes are exposed to the complete shams that they are.

There are many ways out of this but the usual one is war and pestilence.

If people wake up, the only war that will be declared will be against the usurious exploitation pseudo central banking system's beneficiaries.

That is where all the wealth went.

With all the Gold rumored to have been stolen from sovereign states and into the hands of the controllers of the bank and warfare model, the world's budget deficits will be balanced overnight.

A small price to pay instead of having a repeat of Guillotine heads rolling with a barbecue side order of banking/political/war machine minions roasting on $ signed Hades level crucifixes.

What good is having Billions in ultimately worthless paper assets when having it puts a big bull's eye on your back?

There is a reason they call it an angry mob.

Now do these shortsighted minions really need millions of angry mobs that make Greek protests/riots look like a cakewalk?

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