Thursday, March 18, 2010

The Quantum Mechanical illusion?

Einstein couldn't quiet get around it. He angrily stated that "God does not Play Dice"

He knew something was fishy but could not theoretically conceive of a way to disprove it.

Now a Group of researchers have "figured out" a way to mimic the "present at two places at once" photo electric split experiment that is supposedly visible to the human eye.

"Researchers have created a "quantum state" in the largest object yet.

Such states, in which an object is effectively in two places at once, have until now only been accomplished with single particles, atoms and molecules.

In this experiment, published in the journal Nature, scientists produced a quantum state in an object billions of times larger than previous tests.

The team says the result could have significant implications in quantum computing.

One of the pillars of quantum mechanics is the idea that objects absorb and emit energy in tiny discrete packets known as quanta.

This can be seen in a piece of coloured glass, which absorbs a certain colour of light.

That light is made up of photons - packets of light energy - and the glass atoms absorb only photons with the quanta (or amount) of energy that corresponds to that colour. "

All I'm going to say about this for now is this: Heisenberg was uncertain about his uncertainty principle.

Why should he be? Well, when the macro is measuring the micro, optical illusions due to the difference in scale and the inability to measure time and object location discretely can lead you to "see" something that is resonating in two places at once when in reality it may not be since you are unable to measure in discrete enough time units to see the fact that the subatomic object you are measuring is not in two places at the same time but oscillating back and forth and giving you the optical illusion that it actually is in two places at once.

The Most interesting thing about string theory is not the theory but the thought experiment of the actual string vibration in a rubber band that makes the rubber band look like it is in multiple places at once when we know that it is an optical illusion.

The Foundational experiment of Quantum Mechanics is based on an Optical Illusion that has led Science astray into the CERN Hadron Collision Tunnel play field of wasted money.

Unless CERN's Hadron collision device is being used not to find the God Particle but as a front cover for something else like replicating top secret US DoD exclusive Dimensional Portals based on Tesla's work?

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