Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Nothin' Mo'sadder than getting your a$$et expelled

As part of the British side of the duopoly campaign to turn up the heat on the participants of the upcoming ISRAELI/IRANIAN Middle Earth Title bout of who can destroy the other quicker for the benefit of Albert Pike fetishists, The ticked off Brits just expelled the London Mossad station chief for faking one too many British passports without getting approval first and then being sloppy enough to be discovered by Dubai's Police Chief Inspector not so Clouseau.

The Interpol wanted Agents initiated Hamas figure Mr Mabhouh( aka literally Mr Sore Throat in arabic) to the next level of hyper dimensional reality by implementing the ramification of his last name( aka choked him to death while performing electrocution).

Choking someone to death would leave him manifesting symptoms of his last name.

Getting away from occult manifest destiny meanings, back to the investigation:

"Britain's foreign secretary David Miliband has taken the decision to expel an Israeli diplomat after the UK's serious organised crime agency turned up evidence that Israel cloned British passports.

The Israeli diplomat is not the ambassador himself, but the expulsion sends a very strong signal to Israel of Britain's disapproval and anger.

The indications are that the person who will go will be the head of the London station of Mossad - Israel's secret intelligence service.

Diplomatic sources say Britain does not have evidence that Mossad murdered senior Hamas official Mahmoud al-Mabhouh in Dubai.

However, the accusation was made by police in the United Arab Emirates.

They presented CCTV footage showing an alleged Israeli hit squad, some disguised with wigs and others wearing tennis gear, following Mr al-Mabhouh in the hours before he was killed. "



I guess the Brits do not appreciate their "allies" faking their passports while also calling them dogs.

Is this the Israeli mistake that was originally misidentified by the Web Bot's Cliff High or are we still looking at a now delayed Nuclear Strike Mistake?

7:35 minutes in. I guess we can be thankful for not yet being in the midst of WWW3 because the Mossad was busy listening to the Web Bots, so maybe we can speculate that they fell prey to misinformation campaigns and forgot about the "All Seeing Eye" Virtual CCTV police state in the Arabian Gulf.

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