Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Machismo Vs Fascismo

What happens when enough prisoners of the sun( aka the ISRA EL) are awakened from their stupor?

When will they choose to free themselves from their thin air unit printed bondage that is backed by their own hard work?

Those that print money out of thin air through their control of central banking cannot live the high life without having Metropolis like wage slaves do the work.

When enough wage slaves wake up out of their serfdom and decide to inform the dormant masses for free, there are not enough thin air units available to shut them up,buy them nor buy those that will continue to sell their souls to the lowest bidder.

The reason that it is easier for a camel to go through the eye the needle than for a rich man to go to heaven:

If everybody had a million dollars then nobody is rich.

In order to become rich, your wealth must be measured against the masses and your wealth would have to impoverish the masses in order for it to be monetized.

By enslaving the masses in having them seek the ever inflated thin air printed backed by nothing other than bondage unit, you rob them of their God given right to be free and to serve each other in peaceful unity on this mortal coil.

They must toil and compete for dwindling resources against each other while you divide and conquer them.

Which is the wiser scenario: A greater people serving each other in a heavenly manifestation or tyrants oppressing the masses by ruling in hell?

So far man's freedom to choose has mostly chosen hellish rule by the few.

Why so?

Are humans so lazy that they would rather someone else rule than for them to take control of their manifest destiny?

The destiny of the paper empire of usurious debt is an inevitable march towards an entropic quotient of 1.

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