Friday, March 12, 2010

Lehman Brothers Lies finally exposed. Short sellers vindicated for warning about the fraud

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Visit for breaking news, world news, and news about the economy

Anyone else got smoked by Lehman Brothers lying in the March 2008 revealing of their fake earnings from Q4 2007 ?

I was short these lying bastards and screaming at the top of my lungs that they are cooking their books.

What I got for it was Dick Fuld saying that He "wanted to stick it the to shorts"

Well, the shorts were the only one who knew that Lehman was lying through their teeth.

I was stating that their losses were around 50 billion, more than 10 times their net worth.

Hey, I also was betting against AIG way back in April of 2005, way before the financial collapse. If investigators like Elliot Spitzer had the integrity to follow through, the whole AIG fiasco would have been nipped in the bud.

Except, short sellers( who are free market motivated to investigate fraud) were vilified for exposing the corruption of book cooking by these firms.

Were we the ones who levered up 30-100 times our equity in toxic CDO's?

Nope. We just smelled the rotting corpses and called out the fishiness.

Most did not believe what the shorts were saying, especially the dumb "smart money" that was buying up Lehman's multi billion liquidity providing secondaries.

Lehman turned around and bought their own overinflated stock with the money they swindled from their recapitalization investors.

Lehman said they did not need the money but that they were raising it anyway just to show they could. They were faking record profit that turned out to be fictitious book cooking months before they were bankrupt.

How could you make 500 million in profit under a collapsing pyramid scheme of CDO's and worthless residential and real estate investments?

By Cooking the books worse than Enron.

Now since LEH went from 32 to 46 in one day on a total lie that is now proven so by investigators, I am asking other shorts and swindled investors to join me in getting our money back since if it wasn't for Lehman's lies, they would have collapsed right there and then right after Bear Stearns and would have prevented additional billions more from being lost by their sheeple investors.

At least the well connected Wall Street investors were stupid enough to buy their lies by refusing to do their due diligence.

The little people who bought worthless safe Lehman bonds had no chance.

Now there's going to be lawsuits by the dumb "smart" money to get their money back.

I and others like me were not stupid. We made a good investment by betting against Lehman and we should get back our money.

Dick Fuld's gang not only defrauded us from making lawful profits off of their unlawful book cooking, but they actually went out of their way to target short sellers and their capital through illegal perp walk coming book cooking.

I get some of my losses back, and I will increase in my donations to the destitute and the poor and the orphans. These scum are busy living the high life after swindling young people of their future and old people of their life savings.

Dick Fuld illegally reaped around 500 million dollars that he "earned" running Lehman into the ground.

I'm pretty sure that he won't mind giving away most of it to those long/short that lost on LEH in exchange for not going to the Big House.

All investors and especially those who were short during the 50% one day Lehman rise due to fraud earnings from March 18 2008, please email me so we can file a class action lawsuit together.

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