Saturday, March 27, 2010

Justice is Just dice to the RICO Racket

Seems that those that cross the RICO racket get caught in hit and runs:

"London metals trader Andrew Maguire, who warned an investigator for the U.S. Commodity Futures Trading Commission in advance about a gold and silver market manipulation to be undertaken by traders for JPMorgan Chase in February and whose whistleblowing was publicized by GATA at Thursday's CFTC hearing on metals futures trading was injured along with his wife the next day when their car was struck by a hit-and-run driver in the London area."

Now here's a coincidental side item to boot strap with this story. A week or so before Gold made its most recent massive run leading up to Sri Lanka going all in with their 10 Billion one time purchase of Gold at record prices, I called up the support line of the GLD fund and I asked them a question that they could not answer along with one they did.

In order to take Physical delivery of the Gold that is held for you by the GLD fund, you had to be an AD( my memory is a bit hazy) something about Associate Dealer or something.

Aka, you had to be connected heavy weight on Wall Street or you had to have a position of around 150 million in the GLD equivalent bullion before they can deliver
the physical bullion to you like what was recently done to the tune of 400 million to some group whose name escapes me. I guess they got paranoid about the whole paper vs real debate and bolted.

I asked the guy doing they have contingency plans for someone or a group of people taking massive options positions on Gold and forcing the inability of the GLD Fund to deliver.

The guy took my number and said he'd get back to me. He never did. The rest is History as they say.

So there you go, either you have to be in on the RICO RACKET or have very deep pockets to take spot delivery of the bullion and it is not delivered in the US even though the Fund managers are in the US. It is stored in London( Probably with Money's Prophets the Rothschilds who are surely awaiting the return of the Gold needy Annunaki/Nephilim since I am sure that those that were intertwined with Sumerian Civilization do not deal in the worthless paper known as the Federal Reserve note and its cousins all over the planet. They don't have a long time investment horizon knowing that their Planet Nibiru's solar orbit only allows it near Earth presence for short periods of time. I guess that leaves the Anunaki with the only other options= Goldman's High Frequency Trading Algos.)

In other news,

The world's largest Sovereign Wealth Fund Manager is missing:

"A search is on in Morocco for a leading member of the Abu Dhabi royal family after a glider he was in crashed into an artificial lake south of Rabat.

Sheikh Ahmed bin Zayed al-Nahayan, a younger brother of Abu Dhabi's ruler, manages what is thought to be the world's biggest sovereign wealth fund.

The glider pilot was rescued and is in good condition, state media say.

Sheikh Ahmed was No 27 on Forbes's list of the world's most powerful people last year and is in his early 40s.

Abu Dhabi Investment Authority (ADIA), of which the sheikh is managing director, is believed to have assets of around $500-$700bn, including a stake in Britain's Gatwick airport and residential property in major cities, Reuters news agency reports. "

If things really do happen in 3's then who's next and what type of accident will befall them?

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