Monday, March 15, 2010

Ignore all the Bellicosity. War does not break out before The World Cup ends.

Lately, much has been made of the deterioration of relations between the United States Seal of Moloch Overlord and Star of Moloch Flag State Israel and the fallout on possible mushroom cloud scenarios in a possible WW3 Confrontation with Iran and their enablers Pale Horses China and Russia and STAR of Moloch Syrian Palace Isaiah 17 paranoids.

Predictions range from dissolution of allied status all the way to Imminent War on Iran, Destruction of Iran, Missile Destruction of Tel Aviv, Middle East Sampson Options, Delilah's bad hair day, etc.....

There's just one problem: The World Cup.

El Copa Del Mundo.

Hey silver spoon War Tar Baby qué pasa.

Military Industrial Complexes do not start wars and put at risk once every 4 years Globalism profiteering events.

You can't anger all the serving serfs that have already booked their tickets to the games and setup their set tops for non stop Futbol.

They will have their World Cup and it might be followed by the Cup of Wrath that every warmonger seems hellbent on serving.

This whole media mentioned tussle between supposed Us X Israeli allies might be a head fake.

Continuous bellicosity is good for keeping people afraid and the prices of oil up. Iran benefits from high oil prices.

Israel is a strategic military outpost for first strike US Nuclear might. We basically bribed them 4 billion in US Dollars to make them our chess game pawn bitch. In exchange they think that they can bitch slap around a captured and continuously impoverished Palestinian population.

In reality, Israel toes the line to foreign US policy. Any out of line behavior by any Israeli administration and they are emasculated by the United States and not by other nations.

People need to again be reminded that the World Cup is around the corner.

So I believe the world is safe until after the World Cup because the one thing that Warmongers are united on is Football.

The armies/militias of all combatants are made up of a bunch of young slacking near do wells that love their Football.

Maybe we should have Football competitions between the Israelis and the Iranians. At least they agree on Football.

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