Friday, March 19, 2010

If the Federal Reserve note ceases to exist, will the US declare War on the Banking Racket Cartel headquartered across the pond?

The parasitic banking system is currently sucking off the last remaining blood drops from its host.

When the FED is audited, it will be discovered that they are technically insolvent and their assets worthless, toxic or otherwise. Lehman Brothers is child's play compared to the head of the abominable snake that is the NY FED and their European based controllers.

What will that do to the dollar? Will it get repudiated?

Since the majority of the owners of the FED are European based, care to venture what will happen to them if they actually collapse our economy?

it will be the same thing as with Hitler's rise of the 3rd Reich except with this empire of ours, they will discover where their worthless thin air units went to work.

Not talking about the basic fireworks technology that we display in the Middle East nor with the National Association of Space Actors(NASA)

I'm talking about the way above top secret DoD technology that is the main reason behind the massive defense budget. Stuff that even the puppets in charge do not have enough clearance to know about.

If the European banksters and their NY FED underlings decide to pull the rug then I say good luck to them.

Our dollar will be technically worthless. The next day we declare War on the European bankers and by the end of the week, every major Federal Reserve Bank would be literally disintegrated by our secret technology which currently resembles the woo woo UFO world.

Think I'm joking? Think again.

The only preventative path from the continuation of the collapse is the repatriation of all the sovereign state wealth theft done by the bankers and I'm talking Gold held in the hidden playground of rotty and rotty's RICO racket of rotten children.

RICO Racket Repudiation Representatives: Rack 'em and stack 'em and remove them or join them.

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Steamer said...

Nice. I've heard rumors on what the real toy chest looks like, but alas I can't confirm anything truly earth-shattering, or at least in this case, banker-shattering. Disintegrated bankers do not concern me. My only question is: if the woo-woo tech already exists, haven't there been enough provocations to use it? Or, if you have such a superior weapon available, why not openly show it and get your planetary tribute, cheerfully given by the peon countries who don't want to be vaporized (looking at this from the "domination is the name of the game" kind of viewpoint).

Or is the case that the DoD is OK with the status quo so long as they get their budget allocations? Then nuke 'em high if someone takes the punchbowl away?

So is the threat "Give back the gold and you won't get hurt?" Nice, but check for tungsten on those bars. One banker ball removed for every tungsten bar found...