Friday, March 19, 2010

How long before the FED after hours Ponzi schemed asset inflation bubble explodes?

When consumer price inflation goes up? Which consumers? The ones losing their jobs or have already lost them?

What if the unemployed have more spending cash due to a high number of them actually making more money from unemployment than they did from the jobs they lost?

Real economic activity, as measured by the rail freight collapse of more than %17 one year from the Lehman collapse/ 5 Trillion dollar Armageddon my MONEY out of the MARKET system "bottom", is technically moribund if not outright dead as far as growth goes.

If pumping in a multi-trillion FED induced sugar rush paper asset banker buying banker shares circle jerk is a recovery, I wonder how high we will go?

Does the FED really think that it can forever implement a levered up version of Jim Cramer's Futures and market manipulating schemes:

If the Free Markets are rigged where is the oxymoron choo choo train going to go before falling off a cliff? 2 times the 666 bottom?

At what point does the market melt up turn back into a melt down based on the stopping of the toxic asset purchase agreement that allowed the FED to become the new Lehman Brothers.

We already know that most sane foreign central bankers that are not in on the 500 billion collateral debt obligated you buy my IOU's while I buy yours RACKET have basically repudiated the Thin air unit printed/backed by an overstretched army Uncle SAM's Dollar.

Will the FED trigger the stock and bond collapse in order to force people to buy the never going to be paid back debt issued by the US treasury to the benefit of a select few that are privileged enough to have sold their souls in exchange for the usurious byproduct that is created from transacting in the Thin printed monetary Unit?

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