Friday, March 19, 2010

Hey Glenn Beck, the Sabbath does not take place on a sunday.

When you're going to whore yourself behind religion at least know your religion well otherwise you look incompetent in your worship of the Thin air printed monetary unit.

The Sabbath is Saturday, as in the veritable word for seventh day in the middle east.

Now you don't have to believe it. It's only the truth. The days of the week are counted and pronounced 1-7 with the same word for the day and the number coming from the same root.

Now that we've gone passed the basics, you need to believe the lie that Glenn Beck is pimping. The Truth sets people free and lies are only worth the belief that people put in them until they are exposed for what they are.

Glenn Beck, please get back to breaking down the Government Sachs Octopus and refrain from putting your foot into your ignorant mouth.

They pay you to pimp the money party line but you still have to lace your lies in a cover fashion.

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