Friday, March 05, 2010

Hevybaudy, ignore all the collapsing state budgets, this recovery is Gerrrr ate!

As the already disillusioned youngsters protest all over the country...

That's right, print Trillions to bailout banksters so they can stimulate economic activity by culling the herd through war, and keep people who refused to become American Idles dumbed down even further.

And while you're at it, monitor and censor Internet access, all in the name of Freedom.

Censoring the Internet and monitoring it more than what is being done with the NSA and High Tech multinationals?

and while the World is economically and literally quaking...

High ranking German officials asking Greeks to sell Islands to pay for debt....

"Greece should sell islands to keep bankruptcy at bay, say German MPs"

"Those in insolvency have to sell everything they have to pay their creditors," Schlarmann told Bild newspaper. "Greece owns buildings, companies and uninhabited islands, which could all be used for debt redemption."

How about those in insolvency get some repatriation of what was stolen and destroyed by Warmongering neighbors and all is fair and squarely forgiven?

Greeks protesting almost daily and trying to storm Parliament:

Sounds familiar?

Violent destabilizing public protests are part and parcel of efforts to defraud countries by making them issue bonds at distressed rates.

Didn't Joseph Stiglitz leave the World Bank because he could no longer take the Banking Manifesto at all the different steps taken to profit from destabilizing "sovereign" countries?

"Nobel Prize-Winning Economist: Federal Reserve System is Corrupt and Undermines Democracy

Joseph Stiglitz - former head economist at the World Bank and a nobel-prize winner - said yesterday that the very structure of the Federal Reserve system is so fraught with conflicts that it is "corrupt" and undermines democracy.

Stiglitz said:

If we [i.e. the World Bank] had seen a governance structure that corresponds to our Federal Reserve system, we would have been yelling and screaming and saying that country does not deserve any assistance, this is a corrupt governing structure.

Stiglitz pointed out that - if another country had presented a plan to reform its financial system, and included a regulatory regime that copied the makeup of the Federal Reserve system - "it would have been a big signal that something is wrong."

Stiglitz stressed that the Fed banks have clear conflicts of interest, since the banks are largely governed by a board of directors that includes officers of the very banks they're supposed to be overseeing:

So, these are the guys who appointed the guy who bailed them out ... Is that a conflict of interest?

They would say, 'no conflict of interest, we were just doing our job. But you have to look at the conflicts of interest"...

The reason you talk about governance is because in a democracy you want people to have confidence ... This is a structure that will undermine confidence in a democracy."

The slippery slope: Protests leading to Chaotic overthrow of Government and War and then Voila, the intended consequence of 10% safe returns on Government backed debt for those who seek to profit from the carry trade of Zero % central banking Cartel fatalism?

But according to those who print money out of thin air then enslave entire countries for it and proceed to buyout Reuters which buys out AP, everything is hunky dory and is turning around.

It will turn around splendidly if the centuries old fiat fractional banker based treasury thefts are repatriated to the countries impoverished by the Political, religious and economic enslavement of the masses.

Evidently, if the markets are pumped up to create a positive loop feedback, the ConnedSumerian class will lever up again much to the delight of the options exercising management of retailers who end up with great looking comps when compared to 20% sales haircuts from the year before.

At least they are selling consumables. As for the Financial Warlord class, they are selling Black Monday II BioHazard Toxic Ponzi waste.

Major Governments are busy printing 500 billion here and lending it there in exchange for equal collateral in order to buy the illiquid and exponentially growing toxic national debt while little states such as Greece must ostracize their citizenry via austerity measures.

California could layoff all its public sector employees over the weekend and that would not balance their budget. They need someone like Government Sachs to repackage their debt into bouquets that can be consumed by those attracted to the Toxic deficit flame like compound to the interest.

Coming up next, Recovery Part II starring new employed Census workers:

"More professionals applying for temporary Census jobs

For Susan Williams, the road to working as a serial temp for the U.S. Census Bureau ran through law school and a recession that has stalled many a professional career.

After just two years as an associate at a small firm in the District, Williams was laid off in November 2008. She assumed she would land another job within four months. When that didn't happen, her brother mentioned seeing an ad that the Census Bureau was hiring.

In short order, the young lawyer, who had specialized in food and drug law, was a census crew leader, training and supervising 20 other temporary field workers canvassing addresses for the 2010 Census. That $21.50-an-hour job lasted just 10 weeks, but the census called her back for another six-week stint, canvassing group quarters, such as shelters and dormitories. After that ended, she was rehired to recruit other temps for the census. Now, she is working on technology operations in the District's census office. "

It's going to be great for the puppet stringing manipulators to provide a blow off top to their Recovery Pump and dump by showing all new unsustainable job creation by the census.

"As Extended And Emergency Unemployment Benefits Finally Begin Expiring, A Much Different Employment Picture Emerges

From Goldman Sachs:
Expanded unemployment benefits expired on Monday, after the Senate failed to enact legislation to renew them and several other programs. These have since been reinstated, but the brief expiration may still result in a temporary cessation of benefits to roughly 250,000 unemployed this week. We do not expect this have a significant effect on incomes, as the effect will be temporary. It should also not have an important effect on weekly jobless claims reports, as the affected benefits are not included in the regular continued claims data.

Aside from the short-term disruption, an increasing number of individuals will face an end to benefits over the next several months even with continued renewal of the current emergency benefits by Congress. More than 400,000 jobless workers could run down their federal benefits each month over the next several months, even assuming that Congress continues to renew the expanded benefit period now in place. It is possible that Congress could lengthen the maximum benefit period yet again, but the political climate is not as conducive to additional expansions as it had been last year. The result is likely to be a greater share of unemployed workers not receiving unemployment compensation."

That's right, Dr. Paul Joseph Goebbels and the Office of Propagander at these numbers are misty eyed:

Feb. unemployment rate remains unchanged at 9.7 percent

"Job losses were mild in February despite extreme snowstorms in much of the country, according to a government report released Friday, suggesting that while the labor market remains weak, it is no longer getting worse.

Employers cut 36,000 net jobs, the Labor Department said, and the unemployment rate was unchanged at 9.7 percent. Economists had expected losses of 50,000 or more jobs and for the jobless rate to tick upward."
Apparently, Economists are not familiar with the labor stat officially known as U6, unofficially known as get them unemployed off my balance sheet, I've got a market to rig, never mind all the collapsed tax receipts.

Fat Cat Bankers to Deep capture El Presidon't say nothing won't be nothin:

"President Obama said Friday that the jobs figure were "actually better than expected" considering the severe snowstorms that struck the East Coast in February, which he said apparently "had a depressing effect on the numbers."

The economic recovery is so great, we are currently cheering small unemployment declines.

WW3( Otherwise known as Operation Population Reduction) seems inevitable unless a miracle occurs and we know that they've been outlawed.

Pravda would be proud.

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