Thursday, March 25, 2010

Goldman back to being levered High Frequency Trading Loss leader

The nation's #1 hedge fund Casino player just cannot help themselves.

"It's Official: Goldman Waves FX Surrender Flag"

"We were stopped out of EUR/$ for a potential loss of 2.8% (opened at 1.3740, closed at 1.3350). Given we also carry significant EUR/$ exposure in our short $/PLN recommendation, we decided to also close this idea for a small potential gain of 0.6%."

With this kind of High Frequency trading levered loss expertise, my suspicion grows more and more that Goldman has been running the biggest hide your losses in Level 3 Asset Zone Ponzi scheme in the History of the World.

They're the only firm in the world that has half their revenue go out as cash bonuses and lately stock bonuses to get the heat of them.

It stinks like an Enron Power generator having exploded and ruptured a nearby septic tank.

Any bet to as whose levered assets are more worthless? GS or JPM?

We need to institute negative stock price possibilities to two these rogue investment banks into line.

Come work for us but if you screw up and hide debt and lie about it, each share you own you will owe money to hold.

With this concept, GS shares should be priced somewhere negative of Absolute Zero Temperatures.

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