Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Collapse Phase II: Hyper Deflation followed by Hyper Inflation

When the second phase of the collapse kicks off, it will be quicker than the first phase. Last time, people were bewildered but that was the first time anybody had experienced that type of collapse first hand and not been nearing the century in age to understand it.

Phase II of the collapse will be much quicker and will lead to questioning of the paper asset as a method of wealth storage.

A new economic era is coming and at some point within 100 years, people will look back and laugh at the sheer nonsense of Pyramid scheme paper asset fractionally reserved economics and wonder what were people thinking?

The Ultra paper asset rich need to start preparing now to a life of sustainable participation where one's net worth is measured by their value to provided value added skills that assist in sustain life on this Melting Molten disintegration rock.

First the puppets and those usurious controllers of theirs will make one final push to save their paper asset empire.

Due to the suddenness of the second phase of the economic collapse and the hyper deflationary force that is to be reckoned with, a rushed Quantitative Easing II bill will be passed which will usher the hyper inflation of paper currencies and the assets that are tied to them.

Hyper inflation will kill the stock markets and also the debt markets in making the debt holders completely poor and the ones selling the debt temporarily rich before the collapse of the hyper inflation curve.

This was in 2008. QE II will wipe the floor with this.

As I previously stated, it would be better to not be wealthy if you are unable to withstand the coming wealth destruction.

There will be a tipping point of revolt by the Serf crowds after they have been awakened to the utter despair that their enslavement has begotten them.

Let us hope this is not a repeat Weimar Republic / Fervent National Socialism / World War III scenario.

The Earth, being a living and breathing biosphere, might have other ideas and may intervene.

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