Tuesday, March 09, 2010

Cisco's "revolutionary" market changing product is the SELL SIGNAL for this Party!

What is it about Wall Street and its fetish with March 9 and 10 for tops and bottoms?

In 2000, The all time NASDAQ euphoria highs were reached on March 10


Jim Cramer and the perma bull$hit pump and dump gang is going at it again telling us this market's topless while last year they were telling us it was bottomless.

How come they are always "wrong" kinda like Oil is going to 200 when it was at 140 call by Government Sachs or their call of Oil is going to 25 after it crashed from 140 to 35 in less than a year?

You can't be perfectly wrong unless you're running the other side of the trade.
Just ask the oil company that Government Sachs bankrupted to the tune of 2.5 billion by having them sell oil futures naked while oil was going to 140.

Only Government Sachs can bankrupt you at a time when you should be making record profits. But enough about them, they're only the headline leach du jour.

The Heads of the Economic enslavement snake never show their faces in public.

Haven't we heard the emperor and his Topless/Bottomless NEW D' Tey problems many times over that made the wolf so sad that he barfed out Little Red Riding hood's Grandma ma and started crying for the boy?

Which boy? The PPT Boy who plugged the dike might be needing a replacement of his digit with a digitally REMOTE controlled equivalent so he can get his ass out from under the dam before it needs a big cup and handle from the coming flushing toilet sound.

in 2009, the most recent bear market "bottom" low of 666.7 was reached by the S&P index on March 9 2009.

Are the "free" market manipulators going for a three time's the charm this time or have not enough of the little people bought into the pump and dump?

How long can banksters buy and sell stock from each other before one of them is first out the door leaving the rest holding the bag?

Ideally, they want little Johnny come lately to be left holding their bag again but even little Johnny come lately is skittish since he may not have enough borrowed money to once again buy the bag with the non headline number unemployment report U6 going into Great Depression territories.

While the rising tides floating all ponzi schemes become a pent up Psunami or will the Plunge Protection Poster boy bore"all our ponzi lever sins"nanke keep plugging the dike?

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