Wednesday, March 17, 2010

American Investing Idles. Beware the Ides of the FED's end of March madness

The Trillion Bernanke minted thin air unitary question now becomes:

What happens to all this Zombified Ponzimonium at the end of March?

Black Monday II?

Or Weimark Republic equivalent QE 2.0?

Or a combo FED order

Also, How come the FED did not do this after 9/11 happened? Or did they? If they did, then how long have they been doing it?

Does don't fight the FED mean front run the FED or get steamrolled by it?

If the FED wanted to prevent Great Depression II, why did they not tell the little people to start buying and allow them to stimulate the economy that way instead of allowing the Professional manipulators continue to make money off of the backs of the common working serf?

Why does the FED not come out and admit that it is in fact Ponzi scheming the market and to allow people to do so?

What, does it get in the way of Capitalism?

We know that Capitalism is deader now then it's ever been.

Maybe all the people that are allowed to get on the news and tell everybody that the FED is actively pumping the market are there to get the little person to buy the carpet pulled rug China and hold the bag once again.

If they allowed the little people to get rich then nobody would want to keep working in their soul and spirit sucking Cubicle Zombie Slave jobs.

That is if they're lucky to still have a job that hasn't been boomed, busted, ponzi schemed and outsourced away.

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