Saturday, March 13, 2010

30 Million vistors a month to click next at. The cheap way towards facial recognition databases?

30 Million facially cataloged persons per month?

Here's one user's comment:

"I went on chatroulette and someone responded and ask if I was _____. (my actual first name.) VERY eerie. I haven't been back since.
Can you elaborate on "user-identifiable information?"
When I used it I had multiple windows on my computer open - I wonder if that is a bad idea."

Once a person gets beyond the shock and gawk factor, thoughts turn to more sinister uses for this site.

Myspace has turned into a garbage dump. Face book is failing. Chat roulette is the next it thing and can be very easily used to catalog people who willingly seek to be herded.

This has the look and feel and finger prints of the military industrial complex all over it.

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