Thursday, February 11, 2010

Will The IMF "bail out" Greece and pay for it by leverage shorting the Euro to oblivion?

Lately, it's been easy breezy for finance industry persons to nonchalantly decide the fate of the Greek People in that Greece is expected to endure a decade long depression courtesy of Merchant Bank Economic Hit Men.

These elitist economic exploiters are taking advantage of a Greek Government unable to balance its budget largely due to allowing the Wealthy to get away without reporting their taxes properly while they exploit their dominant mercantile positions in the shipping industry.

So the Greek Government, instead of cracking down on the Wealthy that have gotten rich by robbing the Treasury blind, goes after the inordinate amount of public servants and retirees in a futile effort to reign in spending.

This sounds like the Athenian version of the Wall Street Bankster bail out.

The financial terrorists on Wall Street and in Europe are not only morally and spiritually bankrupt entities but in actuality are technically bankrupt based on the voracious appetite they have displayed in leveraging their balance sheets buying up structured debt of countries, states,cities, municipalities, corporations and commoners who will not be able to pay back their usurious rates.

Right now, buying up Brazilian debt is popular in that it pays 12% vs the inflation rate of 4%.

How long until Brazil becomes the next Greece.

The flaw in the Global monetary system is that it is a zero sum game in totality that can only appear to be functional due to the perpetuation of an ever increasing Pyramid scheme of rolling over the debt and fiat currency devaluation.

All of this will end very badly, especially for those whose wealth is tied up in paper assets and who rely on 95% of humanity to be their docile servants.

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