Monday, February 08, 2010

Those who don't remember the Matrix are Terminator'd by it

"Let's keep our guys safe, and kill the enemy. Unfortunately, in warfare that's the situation you're in."

"Other researchers suggest robots may avoid the faults of human soldiers.

"Robots that are programmed properly are less likely to make errors and kill non-combatants, innocent people, because they're not emotional, they won't be afraid, act irresponsibly in some situations," says Robert Finkelstein.

But Christopher Coker of the London School of Economics, an observer of wars past and present, disagrees.

"We should put our trust in the human factor," he says.

"Unfortunately the military in their reports often see the human factor as what they call the weakest link. I don't think it's the weakest link. I think it's the strongest link."

Why not just give the enemy similar robots and have a fair fight and whomever wins can subjugate the loser and take over their land and the natural resources under them.

That way nobody loses any person. People will have to live with being poor due to the stunting of their natural growth as Human beings as they become De Facto Slaves, breeding a superiority complex for the winner and an inferiority complex for the loser and Voila, Peace on Earth is achieved, until we run out of resources.

Then the victors can move over to the next Planet and invade it via robotic Avatars while calling its inhabitants savages and terrorists for defending their land.

That is how you divide and conquer a planet before extinguishing its inhabitants who are busy extinguishing their own existence.

Who's going at destroying life on Earth first?

Revenge of Earth over Humans?

Sunny side up cooking of Terra?


Collapse of Universe due to boredom exhibited by Reality Architect?

Black Hole Physics?

Matrix Machine Agents vs Terminator Cyborgs?

Different skin tone/eye color/hair texture descendant of long ago Human doings?

Evolution of another top of the food chain Predator?


Chaos Theory?

Never ending economic expansion?

Hyper demented dimensional Aliens from Outspace? Beneath Earth Crust's Cannibalistic Humanoid Underground Dwellers?

Accidental Reboot of Universe Hyper Server?

Suppressing new technologies that can stop us from sucking the Earth's lubricant by poking it with Oil well needles?

With the constant blood shed over the last hundred years of wars everywhere, we've become too "civilized". Since We're on our way to extinction maybe become uncivilized will save us from ourselves?

Just let the Robots do the deed and we'll forget about it.

Maybe The Greeks can hire these robots to ROBot the pillaging of their country's treasury:

"Greece has a lot of rich people who are not being taxed properly because there is so much tax evasion," finance minister Giorgos Papaconstantinou, told the Observer. "If you look at the actual numbers, you will see that the number of people declaring over €100,000 a year is roughly 15,000," he said. "I don't think that there is anyone in this country who believes there are only 15,000 Greeks earning more than €100,000 a year."

The growing flight of funds from Greece has whipped up much resentment among the public. "It's revolting," said one popular radio chat-show host last week. "After pillaging the country, they flee with their ill-gotten gains at the very mention of the word tax."

How long before USA becomes the next Greece? How many countries in between?

You remember what happens after financial collapses don't you?

The Bank and Warfare model takes over and humanity cannot bank on them to war fair and square.

Not only being a profiteering racket for eye of the needle types, War, we know what it's good for, absolutely nothing left of the memory of what was once hew ma ni ty.

Since Human life has become so valueless, maybe Chauncey Gardner can tend to our Garden of Evil?

"Turkish girl, 16, buried alive for talking to boys

Death reopens debate over 'honour' killings in Turkey, which account for half of all the country's murders"

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