Thursday, February 04, 2010

The STAR of CHIUN/MOLOCH on a Syrian Palace Floor, on the Israeli Flag, on the US Dollar/US courts as part of the seal of the United States n gun tottin' Sheriffs too, conspiratoReally?

The Enemies of Humanity are those that profit from the suffering of Humanity which they actively plot to destroy.

Here's a concise reason of why War continues to be the most popular method of extracting 4D biped units from the Earth Matrix Prisoner/Servant of the Sun GOD(ISRA-EL)realm.

The enemies of humanity show a distinct lack of humanity and preach peace while they break into pieces the will and bodies of poor and powerless human beings that are continuously pitted against each other for the profit motives of those that pretend to be our rulers.

The charade of a show that the "leaders" of the world put on Television is only half the truth.

Behind closed doors most enemies break bread and share in laughter at their effective fear based subjugation of the masses.

They threaten war, negotiate peace, wage war and declare peace after massive destruction of humanity and infrastructure all in the name of defending the honor of their nations at the expense of the life and quality of living of the citizens of their nations.

Right now, they are cooking up a Middle East conflict to encompass all the nations that make up the acronym ISRAEL that has become an abomination that causes swaths of desolation of the humans within and without:


Biblically speaking, ISRAEL was a state of being that the Hebrews were subjected to by the Pharaoh and later by the no nonsense Old Testament War Lord known as YHWY( Jehova modernly by more likely YA' AWEH' as in the "Strong One" just like the name of the most high biblical Deity is actually translated as the one that is "most high" or EL.

There are people that are fighting wars on the pretense that they are the ones with the correct interpretation of ancient fire and brimstone scripture language.

That's only the part of it. There are massive military budgets that are being spent in the United States as we speak( Why do you think that there are always massive budget deficits mostly due to state secret military projects) that are attempting to fulfill Apocalyptic scripture verbatim.

Then there are the worldly and carnal pretender puppets getting their faces all over television threating war right and left including this little war drum piece from a certain palace in Damascus( DAM SHAK in Arabic or Blood of Brother as in Cain killing Abel point of reference of the "first" brother's keeper murder on a little Damascus hill)

From this palace a Gluttonous Foreign Minister coldly threatens an attack on Israeli cities if Israel dares to ignite a Middle East War.

Let us remind ourselves of what was observed: A man Threatened World War III without much breaking a sweat, like it is a breeze in the park.

He also did so from a Palace that proudly displays ancient tapestry of the combined male/female phallic union of the Pyramids refered to as the

STAR OF CHIUN/MOLOCH( Noteworthy for being prohibited by the Lord in the Old Testament)

but found on the Flag of the Pagan and apostate state of "ISRAEL".

Let's recount: from within an elite Alawi tribe ruled palace with a STAR of CHIUN/MOLOCH symbol, a threat goes against a state with a STAR of CHIUN/MOLOCH flag. A threat that must be backed by cold hard cash including Billions of Dollars with the STAR of CHIUN/MOLOCH displayed in occult fashion as a union of STARS perhaps to be backed by a court of law displaying the STAR of CHIUN/MOLOCH as part and parcel of the seal of POWER of the United States.

And they say there is no global conspiracy. Ignore all the dancing stars in your heads and go back to sleep sheeple. Nothing to see here, just a bunch of STAR worshiping warmongers that like bottoming stock market indexes at 666 in a tribute to their Pagan Hex spell they have over the world entire.

What's that you say? COME SPEAR I SEE of DESTINY...a dying breed of hew ma ni ty'

Come on Chorus sing before we make you sore ass:

COME SPEAR I SEE of DESTINY...a dying breed of hew ma ni ty'
COME SPEAR I SEE of DESTINY...a dying breed of hew ma ni ty'
COME SPEAR I SEE of DESTINY...a dying breed of hew ma ni ty'

Well then, why do all these separate and seemingly opposing countries all display the STAR of CHIUN/MOLOCH either on their Flags, on their palace floors, on their dollar bills and in their court rooms and on their Seal of Statehood, the shields of unsuspecting "Police" officers not to mention hidden and wide open on the insides and outsides of lots of their churches, synagogues and mosques while they openly attack each other in an arm a gettin' outa here' warlike fashion?

One must ask, what is up with this global STARRY eyed fetish phenomenon?

The STAR of CHIUN is the same star of MOLOCH, the pagan deity under whose statue the World's most influential leadership burn an effigy in worship(armed with warship Knights in White Satan) as they get rid of their worries via the cremation of care for the worries of the world are laid bare:

"Hold on Heavybody, at least try to pretend you're working for us.....How's burnin' yo' effin' g gonna get bread on our tables? Watcha Kooking in deh'? Lill' chillin's baby back ridicule?"

Is this a "true" SEAL of SOLOMON in a pious religious way or a kinky sexy religious way or a seal of Fate or a ZEAL of SELLAMAN to the meat grinder that is the Abomination of WAR.

Signed, Sealed, Delivered, It's yours:

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