Tuesday, January 12, 2010

With crisis after crisis, should the FED "manage" a crisis?

If the representatives of the people of the United States audit the FEDERAL RESERVE corporation for the first time ever, will it really impede the FEDERAL RESERVE from managing a crisis?

I hope so. That is what the people really want. We don't need the privately owned FEDERAL RESERVE corporation out there managing crisis after crisis that their NY FED and European counterparts have hands in creating, we "need" the FED to fulfill its obligation to the people of the United States:

1) Protect the Value of the US Dollar.


By protecting the value of the US Dollar, we do not mean protect the multinational profit raking value in the devaluation of the US Dollar.

We mean the actual value of the Dollar as a currency that is exchanged against other currencies.

We understand that these multinational corporations have grown too big that they are now failing to maintain their growth.

Sucks to be them for sure when they are only making do with a finite set of billions in profits.

2) Insure full employment.


When we say insure full employment, we do not mean full employment of the RICO Racket that is bankrupting the Treasure of the United States in broad daylight and telling the hundreds of millions of Americans "you can't do nothing' 'bout it".

We mean insuring full U6 employment levels not reaching the roaring twenties as we "recover" from the Great Recession into the Propagandized jobless recovery.

Not this time.

There are multiples of millions of American Citizens that are unemployed and underemployed and no they don't need a continued hand out from a Wall Street/Govt/Military Industrialist racket bankrupted Treasury saying you want jobs, you don't need no stinking jobs.


US court skeptical of Fed push for bailout secrecy
Press seeks details of Fed bailout programs

* Fed says disclosure could hurt banks, financial system

* Bloomberg says disclosure breeds confidence

* News Corp's Fox News also opposes Fed

By Kristina Cooke and Jonathan Stempel

NEW YORK, Jan 11 (Reuters) - A federal appeals court on Monday appeared skeptical of U.S. Federal Reserve efforts to prevent the press and the public from learning the names of participants in emergency lending programs designed to support and bail out the financial system.

The central bank has argued that disclosure would cause "competitive and reputational harm" to participants, perhaps triggering bank runs, and impede its ability "to effectively manage the current, and any future, financial crisis."

The Public demands the truth and nothing but the truth and it does not care if the RICO Racket does not think that the Public can't handle the truth.

It's the RICO Racket that cannot handle the truth and there are millions of Americans already awake to this reality and millions more will be also.

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