Friday, January 15, 2010

What's that? We have to workand pay taxes to bail out foreign Investment Banks?

If we have to work and pay taxes to bail out foreign Investment Banks, do they get to return the favor and bail us out when the inevitable happens and we default on our Debt?

Can we get an answer to that, Mr Geithner?

Or will the foreign banks work hand in hand with their friends in the US to speculate on the demise of the United States via the destruction of its currency?

Will these investment banks recuse themselves from assistance or worse: will these investment banks "rescue" us with usurious bondage enslavement type loans?

Can we US Tax payers at least get free lifetime trips to France via a SocGen endowment fund using some of the money we paid to bail them out?

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riddley walker said...

one wonders what skeletons skar-kosy threatened to throw out of the closet to get that deal.