Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Thank you Congressman. Henry Paulson has not dramatically aged without cause

Put Yourselves in Henry Paulson's shoes:

You are the CEO of Goldman Sachs, later to become Government Sachs.

Here you are a little while before the implosion of your financial scheme is about to tank the World Economy and the stock market and you need to come up with a scheme to dump your hundreds of millions in stock that will surely implode with the rest of the system but you need to do it without creating a buzz as to why you are going to liquidate it all.

Then you get your White Knight: An appointment as Treasury secretary of the United States of America will allow you to recuse all your company's stock from your portfolio(with hundreds of millions in unpaid/deferred taxes) now that you have become a chief cog in the Military Industrial Complex's fascist regime before you exit stage left to let another NY FED stooge run the Government side of the racket in the hopes that he be the lone gunman to take the fall.

You are also busy making the Military and the Industry of such complex a bit jealous at the sheer audacity of creating your paper Tiger based Windfall.

At least the industrial complex components have to actually create their wares and sell them and even risk going out of business if they can not meet their monetary loan obligations that your industry creates out of thin air.

And you wonder why you have aged about 15 years as your face grows redder and redder by the minute?

Please drop the whole my face is red because I'm indignant shtick. Your face is red because now you understand the seriousness of a large stream of the Public finding out about your NY FED Banks's scheme.

There was no Internet for spreading this RICO conspiracy that you are a part of back when the head of the President Kennedy was exploded for trying to expose what he termed the "Gnomes of Zürich"


President talks about usurping authority and enslavement through covet means then he gets a "magic bullet" that goes in and out and back in through the front apparently.

RICO, Mr Paulson.

Get used to it. You are going to be indicted for it. And the only thing that will save your pasty ass from getting the whole book thrown at you is if you actually give out some names of the people behind the curtain who are the secretive owners of the Federal Reserves.

You don't have to worry about them taking a hit out at you. The American People will insure that their Government actually functions via a Justice Department that plays with Just dice, something you and your cohorts don't seem to want to play with.

And since you know that Wall Street funded Big Pharma is working on elongating life,
we'll make sure the Judge also knows that and you will not be able to buy him off since the Mad as Hell and Not going to take it anymore American People will make sure of that.

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