Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Ron Paul vs The Establishment

As the story of the AIG related scandal develops, we can thank Ron Paul and Darrell Issa as one of the few genuinely constitutional and hence non corrupt congress persons that are diamonds in Mr Smith Goes to Washington rough kind of way.

Almost all the rest of our elected leaders have let us down.

Why? because we as a people have let ourselves down and allowed those that can easily persuade us into ruin to rule over us instead of being our representatives.

If there was an ounce of shame or a single fiber of righteousness in most of them, they would have honorably resigned.

But like corrupt and fascist banking and industrial cartels, elected officials also need a constant bailout.

They also like being in the limelight. Most are not very smart to actually wake up and realize that the puppet masters that control them want them to single handily take the fall for their masters who are themselves master puppets of a system gone out of control.

Timothy Geithner is about to find out how they'll let one of their own hang out to dry. He doesn't have to. All he has to do is expose the party that forced the hand of the New York FED in not disclosing how the AIG bailout was being handed.

The corrupt banking cartel still thinks that the American people and the world does not really know how they are robbing the treasuries of sovereign governments blindly like drunken sailors.

Check that, I've read that even former drunken sailors are ashamed of this reckless endangerment of our country.

This a a RED ALERT. They've stolen the plot of DIE HARD 3. It is not a terrorist plot unless the terrorism is financial. It is a heist and a DE FACTO Coups D'etats
and there are enough American Idles waking up to help us stop it before the Words of Thomas Jefferson warning of destitution of the people of the United States come to fruition.

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