Thursday, January 14, 2010

Mr President: Did your handlers tell you to say that?

President Obama:

I believe that I have earned the right to speak on behalf of the people that are ensnared in a mess that they had little to do in creating:

"Obama to banks: `We want our money back'
Obama slaps banks, proposed new fee to recover all remaining cost of bailout effort"

Oh Really?

Are we supposed to believe you now after the biggest banker orchestrated Tax Payer Heist in History brought upon this Nation and the World Economy by the "financial Wizards" who created the "vehicles" that lead to the problems that needed what may eventually be a multi trillion dollar solution?

Why not just implement the $1 Trillion Bank Solution. You know, the one where the Too Big Too Fail Institutions that were bailed out are allowed to fail and donate their "talented" to employment by a new banking system that is not dominated by the NY FED RICO suave Cartel?

I know you're the man taking the blame for all kinds of crap that other people partook in.

I Feel with you. That's why I wouldn't want to run for Puppet in Chief no matter how much they paid me and even if they provided me with my own 24/7 Presidential reality show( The thought of that simultaneously makes my skin crawl and my heart sink)

I'm not hating. I knew you were a puppet and still voted for you but I knew what I voted for and I am not disappointed at all since I expected the typical White House BS that's being passed for Good Governance.

You should be aware of one thing and I suspect that you may be judging by the quickening of the gray hairs and weariness visible on your face.

The GOD game playing controllers are setting you up to be "The Man Of Peace".

But their kind of Peace is a nightmare to most of the World's Citizens.

That is the real reason why you were the first sitting President who received that Nobel Prize with little lead time or overall actual actions.

The Controllers of the mess that is our world today are always in need of a Patsy, ask Lee Harvey.

They never take credit for the games they play with the lives of innocents and that is why they have their puppets on parade on the boob tube.

It has been personally exasperating when I keep telling people NOT to blame everything on you since I know that you are a puppet who does not even have enough clearance to find out what is really going on since there are 27 levels of clearance over your head and whenever your handlers are discussing things that they don't want you to know about, they politely escort you out of the room.

You can't come out and just say that to the American People. They think you're the Leader of the Free World. The Big man in charge, a mere Marionette kept under surveillance 24/7 for the rest of your life.

That, Mr President, is why Former President Bush Jr froze in the moment that he was told "Country under attack" while reading "My Pet Goat".

He kept mispronouncing Terror but not many people can decypher the auditory nuance.

He meant to say: "WAR ON TERRA"
I know ex Pres Bush Jr kept saying that he was doing GOD's will and lots of people have cashed "blank" checks based on that thought pattern:

I actually know that you're now the lifetime prisoner of the elite because you needed to be President and thought that things could change.

And in that regards, Shinar Jr is right in a Mission Accomplished kind of way. Outside of World Wars, We now have a literal War on Terra and its inhabitants.

This War is getting out of hand though, enough to ensnare the people that profit from its racket foundations.

A couple of Days ago, the impoverished people of Port Au Prince Haiti had an up front encounter with the "Foundations of The Earth are unstable" part of Psalm 82.

Most carnal people take the prophetic word as a joke, being unable to get past the irrational pagan rituals. That is understandable.

Others imagine a Planet being held up by foundations which is laughable.

What People misinterpret is the word "EARTH". It is not talking about the Planet. It is talking about the ground as in what is beneath the soil underneath our feet.

The implication being: start worrying about the soil beneath your feet more than a manufactured banking cartel boom/bust Peter to Paul balance sheet shift problem.

Our Real Problems are greater than out of control financial wizardry but I suspect the controllers know more about that and that is why we get an ultimately pointless Dog and Pony financial based show almost daily on TV.

If We are in danger of upcoming massive Earth Changes and possible 700 meter tidal waves and a crustal shift caused global Earthquake, balanced budgets are the last thing on any informed person's mind.

Therefore, you pretend to tackle a manufactured problem that was prophetically foretold while building Survival "Seed Vaults" in Record time due to a mathematical encryption based interpretation of certain books held in high regards.

Please excuse the paranoid foreshadowing and let us get back to the pointless Dog and Pony show:

Jim Kuhnhenn, Associated Press Writer, On Thursday January 14, 2010, 11:55 am

"WASHINGTON (AP) -- Declaring "We want our money back," President Barack Obama wants to slap a tax on banks to recoup the money that the American public spent on bailing out large financial institutions on the brink of collapse.

The president said Thursday his goal is not to punish banks, but rather to prevent them from a behavior of excess, including new employee bonuses he called "obscene."

In brief comments at the White House, Obama took a deeply populist tone. He said: "My commitment is to the taxpayer."

The president said big banks had shown irresponsibility, engaged in reckless risk for short-term profits, and had gotten themselves into a crisis of their own making. Some firms would have to pay the fee even though many did not accept any taxpayer assistance.

WASHINGTON (AP) -- With an emphatic and populist tone, President Barack Obama on Thursday described bank bonuses as "obscene" and called for a new tax on Wall Street's largest firms to cover a projected $117 billion shortfall in the government's financial crisis bailout fund."

What we need from puppets in charge is proactive planning rather than reactive pandering but you don't have enough clearance to do much about that now do you, Mr "President"?

On a side note: I saw that aging fly feel the brunt of your quick reaction skills.
Mine are quicker( Something about being a Hyper Dimensional Hyperchroniac).

Let's play Basketball to get rid of some stress. This whole last decade has been one long mess.

I don't want to put my foot in my mouth but I also wouldn't want to let up and I won't even foul you but I also won't want to put on a "crushing" baller performance with a Hyper dimensional mind over scatter bug shut out since most people tend to get disheartened and not want to play again when they get crushed in games or under life's bondage wheels.

I don't like to use my quick reaction skills to crush helpless creatures, unless they have the blood of other helpless creatures on their slate and even then, I usually use a piece of paper to slide them under a glass and get them outside of my domain since my conscience won't let me sleep at night knowing to want them to remain caged for all to see.

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that was deep pardner.
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