Thursday, January 21, 2010

Mr President, Are you going to give the Banksters a Wrestling Fight?

The Bankers are at it again?

Really? Shocked?

Playing with their numbers any which way they like, whether it be hiding their losses or hiding their gains, the bankers are good with making things look good or bad depending on what is needed by them or those that control them or those that they control.

We have some bankers that are "making" money off of the other bankers "losing" money.

It's a massive zero sum gain in totality and the Government, whether we like it or not, technically owns almost everything anyway.

Whether it is the aggregate total of money owned by state pension/investment funds or endowment funds and government plunge protection team slush funds or printed out of thin air no peek a boo aloud "FED" funds, it's all just paper in the end and we as a nation are pretty good at pushing it until the music stops.

"WASHINGTON – President Barack Obama stepped up his campaign against Wall Street on Thursday with a far-reaching proposal for tougher regulation of the biggest banks.

"We have to get this done," Obama said at the White House. "If these folks want a fight, it's a fight I'm ready to have."

Can you please clarify what type of fight you are going to give them, wink wink, and how long it will be and who will take the fall and who is betting on it one way or another.

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