Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Look Ma, THE FEDERAL RESERVE returned 45 Billion of what was looted from the Treasury!

The controllers of the FEDERAL RESERVE Orchestrated the biggest heist in the History of the World and they are bragging about record tip jar profits they are returning to the Treasury?

Does anybody with half a brain still believe any of this drivel is supposed to appease an angry public demanding justice?

Federal Reserve earned $45 billion in 2009
By Neil Irwin
Washington Post Staff Writer
Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Wall Street firms aren't the only banks that had a banner year. The Federal Reserve made record profits in 2009, as its unconventional efforts to prop up the economy created a windfall for the government.

The Fed will return about $45 billion to the U.S. Treasury for 2009, according to calculations by The Washington Post based on public documents. That reflects the highest earnings in the 96-year history of the central bank. The Fed, unlike most government agencies, funds itself from its own operations and returns its profits to the Treasury.

The numbers are good news for the federal budget and a sign that the Fed has been successful, at least so far, in protecting taxpayers as it intervenes in the economy -- though there remains a risk of significant losses in the future if the Fed sells some of its investments or loses money on its stakes in bailed-out firms.

This turn of events comes as the banks that benefited from the Fed's actions are under the microscope. Starting at the end of the week, major banks are expected to announce significant earnings and employee bonuses. Anger in Washington is at such a high boil that the Obama administration will probably propose a fee on financial firms to recoup the cost of their bailout, officials confirmed Monday.

As it happens, the Fed's earnings for the year will dwarf those of the large banks, easily topping the expected profits of Bank of America, Goldman Sachs and J.P. Morgan Chase combined.


Hi Neil.

I hope they're paying you enough to be a sellout to their drivel.

Sooner or later you'll figure out that you shouldn't sell yourself to those that control corporations like the Washington Post by owning enough shares in them to make them into Toilet paper that is not worthy of what once passed for Journalistic Integrity.

Warren Buffet anyone?

How many times does Bailout Beneficiary FEDERAL RESERVE's Goldman Sachs owning Warren call the editors of the Washington Post company whose shares he owns a lot of?

You should start by qualifying your article with a statement that acknowledges that the FEDERAL RESERVE is 90% majority owned and controlled by the NY FED banking Cartel that received most of the Bailout money from the "FED" using the printing press and the enslavement of the American people in servitude to pay for this obscene Trillion dollar theft of our Nation's Treasure.

And We should care to know that the FED is about to return 45 billion of trillions recently printed to save those that enslave human beings all over the planet in usurious bondage?

Maybe this joke of an article authorized by a joke of an editor(who's probably afraid of losing their job and esteem amongst the elite Washington Power social scene)

This is like committing the biggest robbery ever and then going to church and becoming the rich man who boasted of his 45 billion dollar donation.

It's easy to "make" money if all you have to do is print it for a living and force people to work for it.

I am disappointed that the FED only gave back 45 billion while colluding with International Bankers on a Trillion dollar heist.

If You want to know what is really going on in this country, read some real reporting from people who don't sell their soul to the lowest bidder.

For real journalism, read the unpaid bloggers.

For fake paid shilling masquerading as journalism, read The Dinosaur News papers and their shill writers.

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