Friday, January 29, 2010

If You give me access to your printin' press, I too can "grow" your Government Derived Propaganda

HoeSay "Goebbels" Cuervo here,

reporting to you live from the HQ of the GDP,Inc.

You can feel the bone chilling air over here at the Gargantuan Dollar Printers Wolf's lair.

The enemy forces of Total Economic collapse are on the outskirts of the perimeter but our thin air Uniterian defense forces are able to withstand any force, including the speculative but much vaunted HyperD for Deflation.

We are defiant and will not accept defeat of our Prop-a-gander at the total mess that we have become.

Nothing to see here, the never ending GDP increases will stop at nothing to get you believing that we have "recovered".

Just stay at home, all ye unemployed and the printed government check will be in the mail, as soon as we mint and monetize another debt ceiling increase surplus.

Them banksters think that they will foreclose on our economies ala Greece and the PIIGS soon to getting into a PIIS'in contest.

Well we don't have a massive defense budget for nothing. We'll turn the tables on the banking controllers as soon as we are close to the end game.

Let's just say our portfolio is hyper dimensional :-)

Citizens of the world, don't worry about a thing, our defense budget is discretionary in its spending to automate all our activities to maintain the semblance of normalcy as we escape to another planet with all our loot of your treasuries.

No they don't accept worthless thin air units on other planets, that is unless we can also take over our war machines to enslave another species for thin air units.

Our beta test is successful. Some have bought into our parlor tricks.

It's easy when they're staring at the barrel of a gun.

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