Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Elite Owned Media pretending political divide and conquer matters while people fall by the wayside

A former model turned lawyer( can there be a worse combination?) wins a campaign in the heart of liberal country and now the sky is falling for democrats.

Does it matter? The ranks of the unemployed and underemployed are north of %20 after a massive government stimulus program that created record profits for Wall Street firms who are back to playing with their numbers to show massive losses again.

We don't need to give the major banks $10 so they can lend out $1 at usurious bondage rates to the small business owners, consumers and cash strapped large corporations.

Hey, have you ever thought about giving the people the $10 and seeing what they do with it?

Multiplier effect based inflation you say?

More than the inflation we have with no job creation?

Yes, we know that they own almost all of you civil servants on Capitol Hill and the White House.

All you had to do was allow them to fail to find out real price discovery of their toxic assets.

If price discovery was zero then you have an unstable financial system that needs to be replaced with something that does not require constant destruction of fiscal balance.

It's not even about voting anymore. It's about how many armband wearing slaves the new Roman republic can withstand without defaulting not just on its monetary obligations but also on its status as a Governing body.

Provided a million people protest and nobody covers it for fear of losing their jobs, what happens when it turns into 5-10-20 million people protesting?

At some point, the clueless leaders that are pretending to be in charge will have to wake up to the fact that our nation's treasury is bankrupted and its people starved.

Does anyone seriously think the American People are going to allow the idiots in charge to default on their future and any hope for their children?

Do they even think the people will wait to vote out one corrupt party with another?

Do they not think that people will request the idiots in charge of the foxed up hen house to resign immediately?

One look at Haiti lets people know the government is not to be relied on to bail out the people when disaster strikes.

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