Sunday, January 17, 2010

DALLAS Mourning STAR: Lack of Cowpoise can hurt your pride

The Dallas Morning STAR Of CHIUN were busy running up the score for the last two weeks but when the score was run up on them, they let their Cowpoise down.

America's most despised team is under a media based delusion that they are a contender akin to their title winning brethren from the 1990's that were gifted great talent by the very same organization that emasculated their prideful egos today.

a Fallen Mourning STAR of CHIUN team coming to grips with the bonfire of
their vanity, not knowing they're America's most reviled team by a greater longshot than being America's team.

That America's team from the 1970's was beloved for giving it their all and falling short, not falling off a cliff after believing their press clippings.

When the going gets tough, Tony Romo and his team lose their Cowpoise and they crash like exploding stock market bubbles.

"Vikings' Williams: We take no pity"
"Vikings nose tackle Pat Williams, meanwhile, said Brooking was lucky to escape the Minnesota sideline in one piece.

"We don't care what Keith Brooking says," Williams said. "He was about to get his ass whupped on our sideline over there. It don't matter. Nobody said anything when they blew out the Eagles [the past two weeks].

"It's the playoffs. It ain't no regular-season game. If you lose, you go home. We take no pity on them. Do they expect us to? I don't care about no Brooking. He can say whatever he wants to say."

Cowboys coach Wade Phillips said the Vikings ran up the score, and Brooking agreed.

"I thought it was classless," Brooking said. "I thought it was B.S. Granted, we get paid to stop them, but we had zero timeouts left. I didn't think there was any call for that."

Shiancoe laughed after hearing Brooking's comments. "OK, we apologize. I'm sorry. Better?"

Even though classy teams would kneel down over and over with games in hand(hint Redskins '91), lots of other teams go the other rout( Patriots, 49ers).

What does Bobby "Mr run up the score" Bowden have to say about running up scores:

"it's not my job to stop my offense, it is their job to stop my offense".

Exactly, the only thing bush league about what happened today is the Cowpoise's superiority complex was exposed for all to see.

To Taunt an opponent that was already enraged and throttling your team is the height of arrogant and empty prideful folly.

Those with class shut their mouth and internalize it to motivate themselves rather than sulk about scores being run up.

As for Jerry Jones, you get what the fans paid for: a free complex off of the HFCS fed tax payers who know no better than to let an exploiter take advantage of them, and you also get a bubble plex collapse on the players and coaches you "care" so much about to the point that you risk their lives to make some more thin air monetary units.

Jerry Jones: Men, we know you can score, but can you do it on the Field and not just in Cabo San Lucas?

There is only one true great player on that team and people are becoming a"ware" of who it is.

As for the Coach Wade Phillips, the tell tale sign to the pathology of losing that he shares with Norv Turner is the following statement:

"They played awfully well on defense"

Playing awful and well are two diametrically opposed descriptions when combined together show a distinct lack of discipline to basic thought pattern recognition.

The failure to understand the meaning of the statement will lead to being continuously confounded as the years roll by.

Redskins Fans know all about playing "awfully well" and where it leads to: an early trip to Cabo San Lucas Mexico.

The only thing left to say is:

How 'bout them Cowpoise?

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