Friday, January 29, 2010

Orwellian Shout out! Chris Matthews reminded us about EL Presidonsay's race when he "forgot" about it

Try to remember Chris when he was pimping his Hardball book in a tax payer funded classroom setting long before he became famous.

Image the typecast of "lovely" personality that makes one want to skip going down that guberment service road of perfidiousness.

The pathological disease that is racism is a form of brain washing conditioning similar to religious AMEN(Believe)RAceismic activity that chisels the brains of fearful tabula rasa 4D units which is ironic in a way since rabula rasa can be defined in the literal sense as tabula(mixing) rasa(brain) into a popular vegetable salad.

Every human being on this planet has descended from a small tribe that survived a massive volcanic eruption that bottlenecked the gene pool about 80 thousand years ago.

Now whether or not hyper or not so hyper dimensional beings interfered in the DNA of the human race(by removing certain features found in other primates and added some special sauce that other primates do not possess) before or after that critical period long ago is up for debate but what is not up for debate is the final product that is known as homo sapien:

A physically inferior version of his fellow primates that is in possession of a brain that is light years more advanced with serious side effects leaving him/her in a constant state of coveting territory and material and non material possession while mostly cowering in fear of those that display a taste for brutality.

Human doing and not being, easily molded via the language virus control method, man's haughtiness has remained as mankind continued to devolve from what was once a glorious self.

The industrial age has only aided in the acceleration of the devolution of humanity.

Still, that is not an excuse for eugenics for eugenics justifies its means of superiority by being inferior in its humanity which is one of the resultant manifestations of the devolution.

A house divided is a house conquered and heading to non existence.

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