Thursday, January 07, 2010

Can you spell R I C O by any other name?

Racketeer Influenced and Corrupt Organizations Act

"Geithner's NY Fed told AIG to keep quiet on deals:
Under Geithner, NY Fed told AIG to keep mum on billions paid to Goldman and others"

"WASHINGTON (AP) -- Controversial deals that sent billions of bailout dollars to Goldman Sachs and other banks were kept quiet under pressure from the Federal Reserve Bank of New York, then led by Treasury Secretary Timothy Geithner.

E-mails between lawyers for the New York Fed and bailed-out insurance conglomerate American International Group Inc. show AIG wanted to disclose some details about payments it made to banks, including Goldman and Deutsche Bank, to cancel financial deals.

But lawyers for the New York Fed, which engineered AIG's bailout with the Bush administration's Treasury Department, told AIG to remove the information from a draft.

A watchdog report has said Geithner and the New York Fed mismanaged the AIG rescue, potentially handing billions more than necessary to banks that have since recovered and are again paying record bonuses.

The New York Fed has countered that officials were focused on defusing the worst financial crisis in generations. It says officials were trying to protect the value of the taxpayer investment. And it says paying the banks less or sharing more information could have sparked a global financial collapse.

But lawmakers of both parties have criticized how Geithner and the New York Fed handled the AIG bailouts. They say Geithner went too easy on the Wall Street banks that helped elect him president of the New York Fed and has been too willing to rush to their aid."

If there's ever been a model of the tale wagging the dog and pony show that our reality has become then the AIG bailout is its poster child.

Most media outlets cannot report the billions in taxpayer theft swindle that was the AIG bailout since they are sucking at the teat of the crumbling vestiges of the military industrial complex while simultaneously having way too many of the bailed out and or beneficial factions owning shares in the companies that control mainstream media as the world knows it.

That is how you get hot headline seeking stories of rabble rousing "indignation" that 440,000 resort dollars was spent as a bonus for AIG execs while untold billions are being funneled to companies that had major hands in premeditating the planning of the bubble and partaking in defrauding everyone not on the side of their RICO racket( the guilty greedy and the clueless bystanders all together as sacrifical lambs at the Wall Street alter of Golden Calf Bull market BAAL).

The populace revolt against the fascism that has overtaken this land is getting angrier and angrier and more numerous by the day and it will not take more than a few million people marching on congress to make the point very clear.

The easiest way to get rid of the problem before the people revolt is to undertake a Department of Justice RICO investigation into the New York Federal Reserve Bank( The banking cartel that is 90% owner of the FED) and any other organizations linked in this decades long racket(Hint: Look across the Atlantic Pond).

If you give my computer trading program up close and cozy access to the see the NYSE and other market's incoming orders and allow me to front run them while simultaneously arming me with untold billions of dollars in free money via the FED's usurping of the power of the printing presses, I can also come up with record bonuses for myself and tons of other individuals and stimulate the economy by zero, nil, nadda as I park most of the money at safe interest levels with the FED and use the taxation system to my advantage to make the people of the United States continue this ponzi scheme for me and my RICO racket.

If people find out about how I make obscene sums of money without risk using the FED printing press and insider information to everything from the FED plans and minutes to order flow of trading to being handed government reports prior to their release, the Justice department will surely arrest my cartel on RICO charges shortly after removing all my minions and current and ex employees from seats of power within the "Government" that have De Facto control of.

Of course I will lawyer up and claim that I am doing GOD's work like the point men of the racket of today's world.

The only difference between my organization's plan of billions in worry free profit and the current RICO racket "rob her blind" barons is at least I'd have a tint of dignity and some humility left over and admit that I make money by sitting on the shoulders of servants who elevate me to be able to dunk the basketball without a single opponent in sight.

I'd also want to get rid of most of my misbegotten profits helping orphans and other destitute and infirm people, knowing full well that my soul is more valuable than an ephemeral world's fleetingly hollow riches.

But then again, some people have to become eternal slaves. When you divide endless sums of misbegotten money by minimum wage, the hours needed to be worked to pay back those sums to society can seem eternal.

How many will the Justice Department's RICO investigation nab?

Hundreds? Thousands?

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