Tuesday, January 05, 2010

The 300,000 human "beings" of Iceland VS the vestiges of imperialist scum

Here's a memo to all the presidents and rulers(self professed and or by decree)of the nations of this World:

You should take a page out of Olafur Ragnar Grimsson's playbook for dealing with economic problems that are plaguing the financial systems of your nations.

Finally, what we have here is a breakout of actual capitalist leadership coming from one of the tiniest nations on Earth.

"Iceland's president has refused to sign a controversial bill to repay $5bn (£3.1bn) to the UK and the Netherlands."


The people of Iceland do not want to hold the bag for the failure of certain banking institutions that have held hostage whole nations via the threat of: Bail us out or experience financial ruin.

Well, the reality of the end game is that these De facto financial terrorists are requesting bailouts so they can finalize the financial ruin of nations.

Apparently, their greed is insatiable and the citizens of the world must continue to feed it or they crash the World's economic systems.

It is not enough for them that they already hold a disproportionate amount of the net wealth of the World under their control in this global game of economic enslavement monopoly.

They want more, enough to bring this imperialist game of monopoly to a halt.

The Ponzi scheme that is modern economics works like this:

Governments create massive debt on one end for all their citizens to pay for while they create wealth on the other end for a continually decreasing select few to prosper from.

They are neither giving liberty nor death. They are boiling the frogs and waiting for the frogs to say enough is enough.

This current Modus operandi is nothing more than thinly veiled Fascism and at some point it stops because there comes a time when the monopoly money becomes effectively worthless due to constant inflation of the supply of it via fiat decree.(Check with Zimbabwe's leader and Weimark Republic historians if you are a leader who's prone to forgetting the past)

Instead of letting unstable and dangerously levered financial institutions fail and allowing new ones to emerge from the rubble, the majority of the bureaucrats have decided that bailing out these parasitic carnal cretins of society is the way towards a return to prosperity.

Subsidizing an economy by upwards of 20% is not a way to say the economic collapse is over when the subsidies provided a stimulus in the sum of a paltry 2.2% GDP growth.

Why don't they subsidize the increasing in rail shipping so that 17% declines in statistics to do not expose this fraud perpetrated on the fed up citizens of the United States of America.

What is more important?

Destroying the value of the dollar and making more than 300 million citizens fail via the wipe out of the value of their property and savings and social well being or bailing out a few over levered banks that will only continue to create bigger bubbles and busts until their madness is stopped?

Even going the socialist/communist solution is better than the Banker/Government Puppet fascist mess that we have right now.

The next turn of the upcoming housing and economic collapse will cause further implosions in the marked to fantasy asset sheets of banks that are already bankrupt and who continually use stimulus money to park it in the safe hands of the Ponzi grandmaster known as the "90% New York bank district private entity owned and never audited public charade" FEDERAL RESERVE.

It is no more Federal than Federal Express and it has no reserves.

It only uses the reserve of the People of the United States in working as token Hebrew slaves in order to create the value that justifies the existence of the Thin air monetary unit known as the US dollar.

President Kennedy knew this and signed a presidential executive order to abolish the FEDERAL RESERVE system before his head was abolished with bullets.

"Pending home sales fall 16 percent in Nov."

"Big carmakers report 2009 sales declines"

Let the bankrupt banks fail. That is the essence of capitalism.

You can take their human and real estate asset infrastructure and create a new banking system sans the people that levered the hell out of everything in the United States and the rest of the World.

Using the Fed's own fractional reserve system, all you have to do is create only one actual trillion dollars via newly created banking entities that are eventually publicly spun off of the socialist teat and have them start lending it out to the businesses that actually create things and employee the people of this nation.

You will not create inflation by actually lending money to businesses and people that need it(they lack it because it seems only bankrupt bankers get it for free nonetheless!).

The deflationary collapse of the already bankrupt banks will balance things out.

Yes some currently "Fat Cat Bankers" will go to the poor house.

But the flip side is you will have actual economic stability and recovery without the parasitic "Fat Cat Bankers"

Try it. What do you have to lose? More Trillions in bailouts to the black hole balance sheets of the money pit zombie banks masquerading around as the saviors of Western Civilization?

If Congress and the President of the US and the rest of the leadership is afraid of the bankers hiring hit men to take them out, then all they have to do is indict the bankers on RICO charges. That is what you do when you have an illegal and unconstitutional racket known as the FEDERAL RESERVE.

Stop being so afraid of the Boogey man bankers and their hired minions.

Show some backbone for once and prove you are working for All American People and not only for generous campaign donors.

The President of Iceland just threw the gauntlet. It's our time now.

The alternative of continuing down the current path is much worse than socialism and communism. It is a fascist road to economic hell and ruin paved with evil intentions.

Lending money out to the vulture that destroy wealth and leave the citizens destitute may get you more election money from wealthy donors but it will also get you an angry populace that eventually mobilizes to dissolve the Charter of the Union of the States of America and start fresh without the Parasites that many of our Great Presidents and founding Fathers fought against.

The People of Iceland have already gotten it and so has their president.

Are any other leaders of this planet courageous enough to step up to the plate and do likewise or will they continue to be the willing/unwilling puppets of the morally and factually bankrupt financial system?

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