Friday, January 29, 2010

If You give me access to your printin' press, I too can "grow" your Government Derived Propaganda

HoeSay "Goebbels" Cuervo here,

reporting to you live from the HQ of the GDP,Inc.

You can feel the bone chilling air over here at the Gargantuan Dollar Printers Wolf's lair.

The enemy forces of Total Economic collapse are on the outskirts of the perimeter but our thin air Uniterian defense forces are able to withstand any force, including the speculative but much vaunted HyperD for Deflation.

We are defiant and will not accept defeat of our Prop-a-gander at the total mess that we have become.

Nothing to see here, the never ending GDP increases will stop at nothing to get you believing that we have "recovered".

Just stay at home, all ye unemployed and the printed government check will be in the mail, as soon as we mint and monetize another debt ceiling increase surplus.

Them banksters think that they will foreclose on our economies ala Greece and the PIIGS soon to getting into a PIIS'in contest.

Well we don't have a massive defense budget for nothing. We'll turn the tables on the banking controllers as soon as we are close to the end game.

Let's just say our portfolio is hyper dimensional :-)

Citizens of the world, don't worry about a thing, our defense budget is discretionary in its spending to automate all our activities to maintain the semblance of normalcy as we escape to another planet with all our loot of your treasuries.

No they don't accept worthless thin air units on other planets, that is unless we can also take over our war machines to enslave another species for thin air units.

Our beta test is successful. Some have bought into our parlor tricks.

It's easy when they're staring at the barrel of a gun.

Orwellian Shout out! Chris Matthews reminded us about EL Presidonsay's race when he "forgot" about it

Try to remember Chris when he was pimping his Hardball book in a tax payer funded classroom setting long before he became famous.

Image the typecast of "lovely" personality that makes one want to skip going down that guberment service road of perfidiousness.

The pathological disease that is racism is a form of brain washing conditioning similar to religious AMEN(Believe)RAceismic activity that chisels the brains of fearful tabula rasa 4D units which is ironic in a way since rabula rasa can be defined in the literal sense as tabula(mixing) rasa(brain) into a popular vegetable salad.

Every human being on this planet has descended from a small tribe that survived a massive volcanic eruption that bottlenecked the gene pool about 80 thousand years ago.

Now whether or not hyper or not so hyper dimensional beings interfered in the DNA of the human race(by removing certain features found in other primates and added some special sauce that other primates do not possess) before or after that critical period long ago is up for debate but what is not up for debate is the final product that is known as homo sapien:

A physically inferior version of his fellow primates that is in possession of a brain that is light years more advanced with serious side effects leaving him/her in a constant state of coveting territory and material and non material possession while mostly cowering in fear of those that display a taste for brutality.

Human doing and not being, easily molded via the language virus control method, man's haughtiness has remained as mankind continued to devolve from what was once a glorious self.

The industrial age has only aided in the acceleration of the devolution of humanity.

Still, that is not an excuse for eugenics for eugenics justifies its means of superiority by being inferior in its humanity which is one of the resultant manifestations of the devolution.

A house divided is a house conquered and heading to non existence.

Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Economics is more a religion than a science

The "Bailing" out of the bankers did not work other than to create more debt on the deeply red balance sheet of the US treasury and the idea that capping the federal budget is going to make any dent to oppose all the free money that reckless bankers received is the height of futility.

Bankers did not lend money. In fact they contracted the lending of money give or take a few banks that whose leadership is no longer among us.

Now the idea is to raise the interest rate on the amount of money that they bankers received from tax payers to encourage them to keep it with the Fed in order to prevent inflation from roaring is also another misguided step that borders on Bailout Heist Part 2 levels.

Not only have the American People been insulted in a shameful way once, but now their perceived lack of intelligence is the excuse for this next ruse.

Bankers are already not lending. Giving them a greater return from the FED at the expense of more deficit interest rates is ridiculous.

Raising taxes on the citizens in favor of tax dodging corporations is also pointless if it is done to help the citizens.

It can only hurt the citizens. The United States is not a Democracy nor should it be a Socialist Democracy. It is a Constitutional Republic that can be disbanded if the constituent states are overrun by an out of control Government that is spending like a drunken sailor.

All the silly bailouts have done nothing but provide a record year in Bonus money for the criminals who were most responsible for the mess to begin with.

And now the talk of giving banks more money to prevent inflation is a disgusting way of robbing people again with the same money they already lost in the Great Banker Heist.

Instead of giving money to the highly levered insolvent creditors, giving the trillions in money to the debtors instead would have actually stimulated the economy via an actually functional multiplier effect which would have lessened the need for the trillions and would have only needed less than 1 trillion.

But that would actually stabilize the economy and when you have powers that want to kill it pretending to save it, this won't fly.

Followers of the religion that is economics should watch this guy's lecture. It might enlighten some of you who do not put in credit into the equation:

The only inflation that has happened since the credit bubble crash and subsequent bailout is an inflation in Government Debt, deficits, health care and energy costs.

We get it. We are consuming the world at a rate that dwarfs the size of our citizenry compared to the rest of the world and the old world moneyed Europeans are a bit jealous and afraid that we'll consume their part also.

So Please stop pretending that you want to fix our economy. We know that you are doing everything in your power to destroy it, whether we like it or not.

Thursday, January 21, 2010

Mr President, Are you going to give the Banksters a Wrestling Fight?

The Bankers are at it again?

Really? Shocked?

Playing with their numbers any which way they like, whether it be hiding their losses or hiding their gains, the bankers are good with making things look good or bad depending on what is needed by them or those that control them or those that they control.

We have some bankers that are "making" money off of the other bankers "losing" money.

It's a massive zero sum gain in totality and the Government, whether we like it or not, technically owns almost everything anyway.

Whether it is the aggregate total of money owned by state pension/investment funds or endowment funds and government plunge protection team slush funds or printed out of thin air no peek a boo aloud "FED" funds, it's all just paper in the end and we as a nation are pretty good at pushing it until the music stops.

"WASHINGTON – President Barack Obama stepped up his campaign against Wall Street on Thursday with a far-reaching proposal for tougher regulation of the biggest banks.

"We have to get this done," Obama said at the White House. "If these folks want a fight, it's a fight I'm ready to have."

Can you please clarify what type of fight you are going to give them, wink wink, and how long it will be and who will take the fall and who is betting on it one way or another.

Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Elite Owned Media pretending political divide and conquer matters while people fall by the wayside

A former model turned lawyer( can there be a worse combination?) wins a campaign in the heart of liberal country and now the sky is falling for democrats.

Does it matter? The ranks of the unemployed and underemployed are north of %20 after a massive government stimulus program that created record profits for Wall Street firms who are back to playing with their numbers to show massive losses again.

We don't need to give the major banks $10 so they can lend out $1 at usurious bondage rates to the small business owners, consumers and cash strapped large corporations.

Hey, have you ever thought about giving the people the $10 and seeing what they do with it?

Multiplier effect based inflation you say?

More than the inflation we have with no job creation?

Yes, we know that they own almost all of you civil servants on Capitol Hill and the White House.

All you had to do was allow them to fail to find out real price discovery of their toxic assets.

If price discovery was zero then you have an unstable financial system that needs to be replaced with something that does not require constant destruction of fiscal balance.

It's not even about voting anymore. It's about how many armband wearing slaves the new Roman republic can withstand without defaulting not just on its monetary obligations but also on its status as a Governing body.

Provided a million people protest and nobody covers it for fear of losing their jobs, what happens when it turns into 5-10-20 million people protesting?

At some point, the clueless leaders that are pretending to be in charge will have to wake up to the fact that our nation's treasury is bankrupted and its people starved.

Does anyone seriously think the American People are going to allow the idiots in charge to default on their future and any hope for their children?

Do they even think the people will wait to vote out one corrupt party with another?

Do they not think that people will request the idiots in charge of the foxed up hen house to resign immediately?

One look at Haiti lets people know the government is not to be relied on to bail out the people when disaster strikes.

Fraud in the Monetary system: Who stands to gain?

Will The truth set us free?

Or will the continuation of fraudulent behavior get bailed out?

It's about time to find out who's really behind the curtain and how deep the fraud permeates.

Sunday, January 17, 2010

DALLAS Mourning STAR: Lack of Cowpoise can hurt your pride

The Dallas Morning STAR Of CHIUN were busy running up the score for the last two weeks but when the score was run up on them, they let their Cowpoise down.

America's most despised team is under a media based delusion that they are a contender akin to their title winning brethren from the 1990's that were gifted great talent by the very same organization that emasculated their prideful egos today.

a Fallen Mourning STAR of CHIUN team coming to grips with the bonfire of
their vanity, not knowing they're America's most reviled team by a greater longshot than being America's team.

That America's team from the 1970's was beloved for giving it their all and falling short, not falling off a cliff after believing their press clippings.

When the going gets tough, Tony Romo and his team lose their Cowpoise and they crash like exploding stock market bubbles.

"Vikings' Williams: We take no pity"
"Vikings nose tackle Pat Williams, meanwhile, said Brooking was lucky to escape the Minnesota sideline in one piece.

"We don't care what Keith Brooking says," Williams said. "He was about to get his ass whupped on our sideline over there. It don't matter. Nobody said anything when they blew out the Eagles [the past two weeks].

"It's the playoffs. It ain't no regular-season game. If you lose, you go home. We take no pity on them. Do they expect us to? I don't care about no Brooking. He can say whatever he wants to say."

Cowboys coach Wade Phillips said the Vikings ran up the score, and Brooking agreed.

"I thought it was classless," Brooking said. "I thought it was B.S. Granted, we get paid to stop them, but we had zero timeouts left. I didn't think there was any call for that."

Shiancoe laughed after hearing Brooking's comments. "OK, we apologize. I'm sorry. Better?"

Even though classy teams would kneel down over and over with games in hand(hint Redskins '91), lots of other teams go the other rout( Patriots, 49ers).

What does Bobby "Mr run up the score" Bowden have to say about running up scores:

"it's not my job to stop my offense, it is their job to stop my offense".

Exactly, the only thing bush league about what happened today is the Cowpoise's superiority complex was exposed for all to see.

To Taunt an opponent that was already enraged and throttling your team is the height of arrogant and empty prideful folly.

Those with class shut their mouth and internalize it to motivate themselves rather than sulk about scores being run up.

As for Jerry Jones, you get what the fans paid for: a free complex off of the HFCS fed tax payers who know no better than to let an exploiter take advantage of them, and you also get a bubble plex collapse on the players and coaches you "care" so much about to the point that you risk their lives to make some more thin air monetary units.

Jerry Jones: Men, we know you can score, but can you do it on the Field and not just in Cabo San Lucas?

There is only one true great player on that team and people are becoming a"ware" of who it is.

As for the Coach Wade Phillips, the tell tale sign to the pathology of losing that he shares with Norv Turner is the following statement:

"They played awfully well on defense"

Playing awful and well are two diametrically opposed descriptions when combined together show a distinct lack of discipline to basic thought pattern recognition.

The failure to understand the meaning of the statement will lead to being continuously confounded as the years roll by.

Redskins Fans know all about playing "awfully well" and where it leads to: an early trip to Cabo San Lucas Mexico.

The only thing left to say is:

How 'bout them Cowpoise?

Friday, January 15, 2010

What's that? We have to workand pay taxes to bail out foreign Investment Banks?

If we have to work and pay taxes to bail out foreign Investment Banks, do they get to return the favor and bail us out when the inevitable happens and we default on our Debt?

Can we get an answer to that, Mr Geithner?

Or will the foreign banks work hand in hand with their friends in the US to speculate on the demise of the United States via the destruction of its currency?

Will these investment banks recuse themselves from assistance or worse: will these investment banks "rescue" us with usurious bondage enslavement type loans?

Can we US Tax payers at least get free lifetime trips to France via a SocGen endowment fund using some of the money we paid to bail them out?

Thursday, January 14, 2010

Mr President: Did your handlers tell you to say that?

President Obama:

I believe that I have earned the right to speak on behalf of the people that are ensnared in a mess that they had little to do in creating:

"Obama to banks: `We want our money back'
Obama slaps banks, proposed new fee to recover all remaining cost of bailout effort"

Oh Really?

Are we supposed to believe you now after the biggest banker orchestrated Tax Payer Heist in History brought upon this Nation and the World Economy by the "financial Wizards" who created the "vehicles" that lead to the problems that needed what may eventually be a multi trillion dollar solution?

Why not just implement the $1 Trillion Bank Solution. You know, the one where the Too Big Too Fail Institutions that were bailed out are allowed to fail and donate their "talented" to employment by a new banking system that is not dominated by the NY FED RICO suave Cartel?

I know you're the man taking the blame for all kinds of crap that other people partook in.

I Feel with you. That's why I wouldn't want to run for Puppet in Chief no matter how much they paid me and even if they provided me with my own 24/7 Presidential reality show( The thought of that simultaneously makes my skin crawl and my heart sink)

I'm not hating. I knew you were a puppet and still voted for you but I knew what I voted for and I am not disappointed at all since I expected the typical White House BS that's being passed for Good Governance.

You should be aware of one thing and I suspect that you may be judging by the quickening of the gray hairs and weariness visible on your face.

The GOD game playing controllers are setting you up to be "The Man Of Peace".

But their kind of Peace is a nightmare to most of the World's Citizens.

That is the real reason why you were the first sitting President who received that Nobel Prize with little lead time or overall actual actions.

The Controllers of the mess that is our world today are always in need of a Patsy, ask Lee Harvey.

They never take credit for the games they play with the lives of innocents and that is why they have their puppets on parade on the boob tube.

It has been personally exasperating when I keep telling people NOT to blame everything on you since I know that you are a puppet who does not even have enough clearance to find out what is really going on since there are 27 levels of clearance over your head and whenever your handlers are discussing things that they don't want you to know about, they politely escort you out of the room.

You can't come out and just say that to the American People. They think you're the Leader of the Free World. The Big man in charge, a mere Marionette kept under surveillance 24/7 for the rest of your life.

That, Mr President, is why Former President Bush Jr froze in the moment that he was told "Country under attack" while reading "My Pet Goat".

He kept mispronouncing Terror but not many people can decypher the auditory nuance.

He meant to say: "WAR ON TERRA"
I know ex Pres Bush Jr kept saying that he was doing GOD's will and lots of people have cashed "blank" checks based on that thought pattern:

I actually know that you're now the lifetime prisoner of the elite because you needed to be President and thought that things could change.

And in that regards, Shinar Jr is right in a Mission Accomplished kind of way. Outside of World Wars, We now have a literal War on Terra and its inhabitants.

This War is getting out of hand though, enough to ensnare the people that profit from its racket foundations.

A couple of Days ago, the impoverished people of Port Au Prince Haiti had an up front encounter with the "Foundations of The Earth are unstable" part of Psalm 82.

Most carnal people take the prophetic word as a joke, being unable to get past the irrational pagan rituals. That is understandable.

Others imagine a Planet being held up by foundations which is laughable.

What People misinterpret is the word "EARTH". It is not talking about the Planet. It is talking about the ground as in what is beneath the soil underneath our feet.

The implication being: start worrying about the soil beneath your feet more than a manufactured banking cartel boom/bust Peter to Paul balance sheet shift problem.

Our Real Problems are greater than out of control financial wizardry but I suspect the controllers know more about that and that is why we get an ultimately pointless Dog and Pony financial based show almost daily on TV.

If We are in danger of upcoming massive Earth Changes and possible 700 meter tidal waves and a crustal shift caused global Earthquake, balanced budgets are the last thing on any informed person's mind.

Therefore, you pretend to tackle a manufactured problem that was prophetically foretold while building Survival "Seed Vaults" in Record time due to a mathematical encryption based interpretation of certain books held in high regards.

Please excuse the paranoid foreshadowing and let us get back to the pointless Dog and Pony show:

Jim Kuhnhenn, Associated Press Writer, On Thursday January 14, 2010, 11:55 am

"WASHINGTON (AP) -- Declaring "We want our money back," President Barack Obama wants to slap a tax on banks to recoup the money that the American public spent on bailing out large financial institutions on the brink of collapse.

The president said Thursday his goal is not to punish banks, but rather to prevent them from a behavior of excess, including new employee bonuses he called "obscene."

In brief comments at the White House, Obama took a deeply populist tone. He said: "My commitment is to the taxpayer."

The president said big banks had shown irresponsibility, engaged in reckless risk for short-term profits, and had gotten themselves into a crisis of their own making. Some firms would have to pay the fee even though many did not accept any taxpayer assistance.

WASHINGTON (AP) -- With an emphatic and populist tone, President Barack Obama on Thursday described bank bonuses as "obscene" and called for a new tax on Wall Street's largest firms to cover a projected $117 billion shortfall in the government's financial crisis bailout fund."

What we need from puppets in charge is proactive planning rather than reactive pandering but you don't have enough clearance to do much about that now do you, Mr "President"?

On a side note: I saw that aging fly feel the brunt of your quick reaction skills.
Mine are quicker( Something about being a Hyper Dimensional Hyperchroniac).

Let's play Basketball to get rid of some stress. This whole last decade has been one long mess.

I don't want to put my foot in my mouth but I also wouldn't want to let up and I won't even foul you but I also won't want to put on a "crushing" baller performance with a Hyper dimensional mind over scatter bug shut out since most people tend to get disheartened and not want to play again when they get crushed in games or under life's bondage wheels.

I don't like to use my quick reaction skills to crush helpless creatures, unless they have the blood of other helpless creatures on their slate and even then, I usually use a piece of paper to slide them under a glass and get them outside of my domain since my conscience won't let me sleep at night knowing to want them to remain caged for all to see.

Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Look Ma, THE FEDERAL RESERVE returned 45 Billion of what was looted from the Treasury!

The controllers of the FEDERAL RESERVE Orchestrated the biggest heist in the History of the World and they are bragging about record tip jar profits they are returning to the Treasury?

Does anybody with half a brain still believe any of this drivel is supposed to appease an angry public demanding justice?

Federal Reserve earned $45 billion in 2009
By Neil Irwin
Washington Post Staff Writer
Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Wall Street firms aren't the only banks that had a banner year. The Federal Reserve made record profits in 2009, as its unconventional efforts to prop up the economy created a windfall for the government.

The Fed will return about $45 billion to the U.S. Treasury for 2009, according to calculations by The Washington Post based on public documents. That reflects the highest earnings in the 96-year history of the central bank. The Fed, unlike most government agencies, funds itself from its own operations and returns its profits to the Treasury.

The numbers are good news for the federal budget and a sign that the Fed has been successful, at least so far, in protecting taxpayers as it intervenes in the economy -- though there remains a risk of significant losses in the future if the Fed sells some of its investments or loses money on its stakes in bailed-out firms.

This turn of events comes as the banks that benefited from the Fed's actions are under the microscope. Starting at the end of the week, major banks are expected to announce significant earnings and employee bonuses. Anger in Washington is at such a high boil that the Obama administration will probably propose a fee on financial firms to recoup the cost of their bailout, officials confirmed Monday.

As it happens, the Fed's earnings for the year will dwarf those of the large banks, easily topping the expected profits of Bank of America, Goldman Sachs and J.P. Morgan Chase combined.

Hi Neil.

I hope they're paying you enough to be a sellout to their drivel.

Sooner or later you'll figure out that you shouldn't sell yourself to those that control corporations like the Washington Post by owning enough shares in them to make them into Toilet paper that is not worthy of what once passed for Journalistic Integrity.

Warren Buffet anyone?

How many times does Bailout Beneficiary FEDERAL RESERVE's Goldman Sachs owning Warren call the editors of the Washington Post company whose shares he owns a lot of?

You should start by qualifying your article with a statement that acknowledges that the FEDERAL RESERVE is 90% majority owned and controlled by the NY FED banking Cartel that received most of the Bailout money from the "FED" using the printing press and the enslavement of the American people in servitude to pay for this obscene Trillion dollar theft of our Nation's Treasure.

And We should care to know that the FED is about to return 45 billion of trillions recently printed to save those that enslave human beings all over the planet in usurious bondage?

Maybe this joke of an article authorized by a joke of an editor(who's probably afraid of losing their job and esteem amongst the elite Washington Power social scene)

This is like committing the biggest robbery ever and then going to church and becoming the rich man who boasted of his 45 billion dollar donation.

It's easy to "make" money if all you have to do is print it for a living and force people to work for it.

I am disappointed that the FED only gave back 45 billion while colluding with International Bankers on a Trillion dollar heist.

If You want to know what is really going on in this country, read some real reporting from people who don't sell their soul to the lowest bidder.

For real journalism, read the unpaid bloggers.

For fake paid shilling masquerading as journalism, read The Dinosaur News papers and their shill writers.

With crisis after crisis, should the FED "manage" a crisis?

If the representatives of the people of the United States audit the FEDERAL RESERVE corporation for the first time ever, will it really impede the FEDERAL RESERVE from managing a crisis?

I hope so. That is what the people really want. We don't need the privately owned FEDERAL RESERVE corporation out there managing crisis after crisis that their NY FED and European counterparts have hands in creating, we "need" the FED to fulfill its obligation to the people of the United States:

1) Protect the Value of the US Dollar.


By protecting the value of the US Dollar, we do not mean protect the multinational profit raking value in the devaluation of the US Dollar.

We mean the actual value of the Dollar as a currency that is exchanged against other currencies.

We understand that these multinational corporations have grown too big that they are now failing to maintain their growth.

Sucks to be them for sure when they are only making do with a finite set of billions in profits.

2) Insure full employment.


When we say insure full employment, we do not mean full employment of the RICO Racket that is bankrupting the Treasure of the United States in broad daylight and telling the hundreds of millions of Americans "you can't do nothing' 'bout it".

We mean insuring full U6 employment levels not reaching the roaring twenties as we "recover" from the Great Recession into the Propagandized jobless recovery.

Not this time.

There are multiples of millions of American Citizens that are unemployed and underemployed and no they don't need a continued hand out from a Wall Street/Govt/Military Industrialist racket bankrupted Treasury saying you want jobs, you don't need no stinking jobs.

US court skeptical of Fed push for bailout secrecy
Press seeks details of Fed bailout programs

* Fed says disclosure could hurt banks, financial system

* Bloomberg says disclosure breeds confidence

* News Corp's Fox News also opposes Fed

By Kristina Cooke and Jonathan Stempel

NEW YORK, Jan 11 (Reuters) - A federal appeals court on Monday appeared skeptical of U.S. Federal Reserve efforts to prevent the press and the public from learning the names of participants in emergency lending programs designed to support and bail out the financial system.

The central bank has argued that disclosure would cause "competitive and reputational harm" to participants, perhaps triggering bank runs, and impede its ability "to effectively manage the current, and any future, financial crisis."

The Public demands the truth and nothing but the truth and it does not care if the RICO Racket does not think that the Public can't handle the truth.

It's the RICO Racket that cannot handle the truth and there are millions of Americans already awake to this reality and millions more will be also.

Thank you Congressman. Henry Paulson has not dramatically aged without cause

Put Yourselves in Henry Paulson's shoes:

You are the CEO of Goldman Sachs, later to become Government Sachs.

Here you are a little while before the implosion of your financial scheme is about to tank the World Economy and the stock market and you need to come up with a scheme to dump your hundreds of millions in stock that will surely implode with the rest of the system but you need to do it without creating a buzz as to why you are going to liquidate it all.

Then you get your White Knight: An appointment as Treasury secretary of the United States of America will allow you to recuse all your company's stock from your portfolio(with hundreds of millions in unpaid/deferred taxes) now that you have become a chief cog in the Military Industrial Complex's fascist regime before you exit stage left to let another NY FED stooge run the Government side of the racket in the hopes that he be the lone gunman to take the fall.

You are also busy making the Military and the Industry of such complex a bit jealous at the sheer audacity of creating your paper Tiger based Windfall.

At least the industrial complex components have to actually create their wares and sell them and even risk going out of business if they can not meet their monetary loan obligations that your industry creates out of thin air.

And you wonder why you have aged about 15 years as your face grows redder and redder by the minute?

Please drop the whole my face is red because I'm indignant shtick. Your face is red because now you understand the seriousness of a large stream of the Public finding out about your NY FED Banks's scheme.

There was no Internet for spreading this RICO conspiracy that you are a part of back when the head of the President Kennedy was exploded for trying to expose what he termed the "Gnomes of Zürich"ürich

President talks about usurping authority and enslavement through covet means then he gets a "magic bullet" that goes in and out and back in through the front apparently.

RICO, Mr Paulson.

Get used to it. You are going to be indicted for it. And the only thing that will save your pasty ass from getting the whole book thrown at you is if you actually give out some names of the people behind the curtain who are the secretive owners of the Federal Reserves.

You don't have to worry about them taking a hit out at you. The American People will insure that their Government actually functions via a Justice Department that plays with Just dice, something you and your cohorts don't seem to want to play with.

And since you know that Wall Street funded Big Pharma is working on elongating life,
we'll make sure the Judge also knows that and you will not be able to buy him off since the Mad as Hell and Not going to take it anymore American People will make sure of that.

Ron Paul vs The Establishment

As the story of the AIG related scandal develops, we can thank Ron Paul and Darrell Issa as one of the few genuinely constitutional and hence non corrupt congress persons that are diamonds in Mr Smith Goes to Washington rough kind of way.

Almost all the rest of our elected leaders have let us down.

Why? because we as a people have let ourselves down and allowed those that can easily persuade us into ruin to rule over us instead of being our representatives.

If there was an ounce of shame or a single fiber of righteousness in most of them, they would have honorably resigned.

But like corrupt and fascist banking and industrial cartels, elected officials also need a constant bailout.

They also like being in the limelight. Most are not very smart to actually wake up and realize that the puppet masters that control them want them to single handily take the fall for their masters who are themselves master puppets of a system gone out of control.

Timothy Geithner is about to find out how they'll let one of their own hang out to dry. He doesn't have to. All he has to do is expose the party that forced the hand of the New York FED in not disclosing how the AIG bailout was being handed.

The corrupt banking cartel still thinks that the American people and the world does not really know how they are robbing the treasuries of sovereign governments blindly like drunken sailors.

Check that, I've read that even former drunken sailors are ashamed of this reckless endangerment of our country.

This a a RED ALERT. They've stolen the plot of DIE HARD 3. It is not a terrorist plot unless the terrorism is financial. It is a heist and a DE FACTO Coups D'etats
and there are enough American Idles waking up to help us stop it before the Words of Thomas Jefferson warning of destitution of the people of the United States come to fruition.

Sunday, January 10, 2010

Racket, Racket, They're running a Racket. RICO, RICO, not so suave

How many hundred of billions of tax payer backed thin air monetary units will the NY FED criminal racket on Wall Street and their European counter parts continue to steal before the United States Justice Department steps in and puts a stop to the biggest ongoing heist in the history of the world?

Must it get into the Trillions before someone in Government shows a backbone and starts an official investigation that can bring these thieves to justice?

The Republic that is the United States of America is hanging by mere threads.

Money printing thieves have practically bankrupted the treasury of the United States of America and left its citizens on the brink of financial ruin.

"Another 800 pound-person-of-interest in the investigation of AIG cover-up should be William Dudley, NY Fed President, and Geithner accomplice at NY Fed. Geithner argued that Friedman needed to remain chairman of the N.Y. Fed board to find a suitable replacement for Geithner as he moved on to be secretary of the Treasury. Geithner and Friedman insured that William Dudley, former Goldman Sachs executive, got Geithner's job of NY Fed President. Stephen "no conflict of interest" Friedman was chairman of the search committee, and Geithner lobbied the NY Fed to appoint Dudley-do-right-by-Goldman-Sachs as NY Fed President. Friedman chose a fellow former Goldman Sachs exec for the job.

So, the Towns and Frank Congressional Investigation into AIG cover-up has the potential to blow the lid off the wide ranging criminal activity at the NY Fed. The object here is not just to bring Geithner to justice, the object is to follow the money and crimes and bring the entire criminal enterprise of Wall Street and the Fed to justice. Here is a golden opportunity to expose the heart of the NY Fed-GoldmanSachs-Wall Street beast.

We need Racketeer Influenced and Corrupt Organizations Act (RICO) prosecutions and Shock-and Awe mass trials in style of the Maxiprocesso (Maxi Trial) of the Mafia in Sicily during the mid-1980s that resulted in hundreds of defendants convicted. We need RICO confiscations of the hundreds of billions in illegal "profits" from the criminal enterprises."

The low level stooge puppet masqueraded on TV is only the tip of the iceberg.
The real criminals do not show their heads on TV and their corporation called the Federal Reserve is never audited?


President Kennedy signs an executive order to abolish the Federal Reserve and his head is exploded within days.

The early history of our Republic is littered with the charred remains of corrupt central banking institutions under the control of criminals.

"Jan. 7 (Bloomberg) -- The Federal Reserve Bank of New York, then led by Timothy Geithner, told American International Group Inc. to withhold details from the public about the bailed-out insurer’s payments to banks during the depths of the financial crisis, e-mails between the company and its regulator show.

AIG said in a draft of a regulatory filing that the insurer paid banks, which included Goldman Sachs Group Inc. and Societe Generale SA, 100 cents on the dollar for credit-default swaps they bought from the firm. The New York Fed crossed out the reference, according to the e-mails, and AIG excluded the language when the filing was made public on Dec. 24, 2008. The e-mails were obtained by Representative Darrell Issa, ranking member of the House Oversight and Government Reform Committee.

The New York Fed took over negotiations between AIG and the banks in November 2008 as losses on the swaps, which were contracts tied to subprime home loans, threatened to swamp the insurer weeks after its taxpayer-funded rescue. The regulator decided that Goldman Sachs and more than a dozen banks would be fully repaid for $62.1 billion of the swaps, prompting lawmakers to call the AIG rescue a “backdoor bailout” of financial firms.

“It appears that the New York Fed deliberately pressured AIG to restrict and delay the disclosure of important information,” said Issa, a California Republican. Taxpayers “deserve full and complete disclosure under our nation’s securities laws, not the withholding of politically inconvenient information.”

Geithner Had ‘No Role’

“Secretary Geithner played no role in these decisions,” Meg Reilly, a Treasury spokeswoman, said in an e-mail."

If Geithner played no role in this US treasury backed theft, then who did?

THE WASHINGTON REDSKINS: An Indictment of My beloved TEAM

This was written after a loss against a winless Detroit Lions Team that had lost 19 games in a row and was predicted(by myself and others) to defeat the Washington Redskins:

(A little perspective: let me start by stating that I was fortunate enough and retrospectively grateful for having my introduction to the game of Football and the Washington Redskins occur during the 1987 season and my first start to finish viewing of a complete game turning into the Washington Redskins' majestic and record breaking triumph that was Super Bowl XXII

Having followed the team through another championship triumph in 1991, it seemed that everything would be alright in the world no matter what hardship one had to face the week after a victory by the Redskins.

In the extremely diverse melting pot that is the Washington Metropolitan Area, the team was the one common thread that linked almost everybody no matter their color, creed or nationality.

A person could hold their head up high and get charged up with goose bumps at the mere mention of the name of such a marvelous team to support. There were Championship parades and visits to the White House Rose Garden for a little game of pitch and catch with the President.

Alas, those days are now only a faint memory that will live on in the heart of the fans as a reminder to themselves and others of what it means to be a fan of the Washington Redskins.

It seems everything started to fall apart with the franchise after the controversy of the name of the team reached the US court system.

Whether we like it or not, all true Redskins fans know deep down that the name of the team is offensive to many if not most of the Native American population, regardless of whether or not it is portrayed as the Conquering Native Warrior motif that should bring pride instead of shame and whether or not the team got the name as a cross promotional marketing gimmick for Boston beans.

With a nation whose history is tainted by violent racial bigotry, controversy surely follows and justice and the truth become victims, especially when a lot of money via merchandising rights is involved.

Long term Redskins fans are familiar with experiencing the heartache that became known as the Post Gibbs era: seasons filled with futility throughout the mid to latter parts of the 90's and earlier this decade where an ex assistant coach of our team's Arch-Rivals inexplicably became the longest tenured coach since Gibbs and whose firing was the first step in a absurd and hasty fantasy football like coaching carousel that left no coach worth his salt wanting to ever take part in such a dysfunctional organization unless his name was the aforementioned Joe Gibbs.

Let us phrase the current atmosphere of utter fan disgust as clearly as possible and follow up in detail:

To the current owners, managers, coaches and players of the Washington Redskins Organization:

You have tarnished the legacy of our beloved team and disgraced its name.

The mere mention of our team is now synonymous with catastrophic failure and the yearly accomplishment of very little tangible result from the abundant start of highly compensated talent.

You are fired as our team.

We want our team back since we reject the current impostor in its stead.

The Washington Redskins organization is now reaping what it has sowed and it has sowed plenty of what can be quantified as unjust all across the board.

When Joe Gibbs came back for his second tour, he pointed to his chest and made it clear what the most important elements to success are: Heart and Good people.

Even Director of Player Personnel Vinny Ceratto picked up on Gibb's statement and said the formula for success starts with getting enough good people.

Good Organization start with good people at the top of the pyramid structure and all the way down to the least compensated employees.

The ownership should reflect the value and the goodness of the team.

Good people do not parade around the stadium they own and give a stern look to a security guard after looking at a stain on the ground only to return later and fire the security guard for failing to make the connection that it was his implicitly unstated duty to remove the stain.

Vain and quick to anger people play with a person’s livelihood in such a way.

Vain people should look to remove the stain that is in their heart that would make them make such a heartless move.

Good people instruct their security guard that the area they occupy should be clean and let the security guard figure out that he needs to get someone to clean it up or do it himself if there are no custodians around.

Good people are patient and slow to anger but are there to rebuke their brother if they see their brother making choices that are to their detriment.

Let us ask ourselves what good people do and why it requires heart to be a good person:

Good people do not showboat trivial accomplishments.

Good people do not let disrespect easily offend them to make them lose their cool.

Good people stay disciplined and use the disrespect to motivate themselves and put in more effort to become better people and correct perceived transgressions that they are accused of.

Since Sunday’s loss has been analyzed as a complete catastrophe by fans and media members alike, we must dissect what went wrong with the game in order to provide the Washington Redskins organization an external perspective it is sorely lacking and failing to listen to:

What Jason Campbell termed as a weird atmosphere is correct. (Credit him with being one of a few people in this organization who has the right kind of dignified character that is needed to succeed amongst abject failure and constant distrust of his natural abilities.

But being dignified and humble is not enough. In order to succeed in leading the Washington Redskins out of their current state of chaotic failure, he needs to impose his will more often since many around him including his coach are showing that they are totally lost at the basics of football like when to call time out, take or decline a penalty, go for it on 4th down, what play to call at what time, when not to run out of bounds or not hitting an opponent when you are clearly out of bounds)

These are symptoms of the systemic lack of discipline that has plagued the franchise since the last Super Bowl Title.

There is no attention to detail and it is self evident by the weekly gaffes that are committed on the field.

Everything starts with attention to details. The Redskins do not seem to be detailed enough in their efforts for they are missing basic football 101 details and hence are a lost franchise.

Why are they lost? There is no plan B to many things they do. Why is there no plan B? No attention to detail.

A coach should not think that every play he comes up with is designed to work especially after seeing it fail so miserably and insisting that it is either run or the QB is benched for daring to audible out of it.

This shameful display of false pride is arrogance.

Arrogance is the opposite of humility. Coach Gibbs displayed humility even if he sometimes used it as a tactic of communication with the media.

When Coach Gibbs was questioned about his job security during his team’s 0-5 start and how he might be fired without even getting his first victory, he did not deflect the question with a completely empty response such was stated by Coach Jim Zorn when he dismissed the legitimate question with a clearly dishonest “no”

Coach Gibbs stated the obvious. It was up to the owner to decide: a simple yet honest and dignified statement.

Unless someone has a better job waiting in the wings, they are going to be concerned about their job security, especially if they like what they are doing.

Lying is a telling sign of distress and fear over one’s livelihood. So is the arrogance in telling the lie in the first place and believing that the media and the fans are not going to see right through it.

Lying and arrogance are not the traits of good people. They are the traits of self deluded people who think they are good or good enough when they may not be. There’s a reason why your mother told you to always tell the truth no matter what.

Here’s a perspective as to why the plays designed to work don’t seem to work for the Washington Redskins and why the telling deed is an insufficient attention to detail and the discipline that is instilled by full attention to detail.

A fade does not work without a properly executed route by the receiver and practiced timing with the Quarterback: A fake of the slant to the inside to create separation to allow a player to then go back towards the sideline and get the separation and positioning needed for an easy catch. Practice and execute the fake well enough and the fade works but only if going inside can also burn the other team for a Touchdown otherwise the defense ignores the slant when they know the fade is coming.

Why can the defense ignore the slant fake move to the inside? If their linebacker is in the way of the pass, the cornerback only needs to worry about getting beat by the fade and when he only has to worry about one way to get beat, he can defend it very well. The fade should be attempted only when there is enough room for the Quarterback to throw over the tight spot of the Linebacker to make the defense think twice at not respecting going inside the post area.

The QB should practice finding his sweet spot and throwing over the Linebacker and when he cannot so the fade does not get attempted without the ability and actual realization of slanting inside.

Physically gifted athletes need to perfect their route running and pass catching properly or their talent attributes and their careers go to waste.

The coach says that he designs all his plays to work and expects them to thereby not allowing his QB to call an audible on such an obvious passing down as 3rd and goal from the 5.

The defense expects the pass and plays the pass of a 3rd and long close to the goal line. Therefore is it wise to have the running back fire a woeful pass on an obvious passing down when the defense is not fooled and has the play properly defended?

The same exact play has a higher chance of working as a misdirection play when tried on 1st and goal when running the ball is an expected tendency based on the percentages.

Trying the play on 3rd down demonstrates a coach who has let the anxiety from the rush of blood of being unprepared get to his head. He does not state that his team was out coached and outplayed because his ego gets in the way when admitting the truth is more honorable and respected.

A QB draw from the 5 yard line out of a spread 4-5 receiver formation would have put the defense at a disadvantage but we must suffer with a futile play that is expected to work by its "designer".

Well then, if even the supposed average fan can predict the failure of the play, then chances are that its designer is full of himself in thinking that it's going to work since his QB would be benched if he called an audible out of the play into something that has a better chance of working.

Maybe Randle-El, an actual college QB, could have motioned from the slot and gotten the hand off and either ran with it within a spread offense base or thrown a spiral ball instead of a duck thrown by a "running back".

Has the coach asked his QB what would he have done in the same situation? Joe Gibbs, a Hall of Fame coach with 3 Super Bowl rings has shown more humility than Jim Zorn has, even after having won those titles.

Just because the current coach was named NFC rookie of the year back when he played does not mean he gets a free pass for pathetically predictable play calling.

Has he ever wondered why the successful plays that were called when he was Quarterback of the Seattle Seahawks worked or does that thought never cross his mind while he's busy being so full of himself that he questions the judgment of an actual Hall of Fame QB in Sonny Jurgenson?

Who does Jim Zorn think he is and why hasn't his self confidence and high thought of himself shown itself in astute and successful TD scoring plays and on the field where it counts.

We know that the Washington Redskins Players can "score", but the question is:

Can they do it on the Football Field where it counts to the fans instead of where it doesn't really count on the "Player's" Field or in their own minds?

Everybody knows that fear of being fired has added to the anxiety of the coach and the whole staff and instead of using it as a motivator and throwing the kitchen sink out there in terms of preparation and a true gun slinging mentality in execution of a game plan and dedicated follow through, we are getting the fearful output of an unprepared team in siege.

Why do the players continue to be allowed to celebrate ultimately meaningless plays such as getting first downs on failed drives and boasting of their tackles on drives that end in touchdowns for their opponents?

The players are not supposed to celebrate a basic requirement of their job: getting first downs and performing tackles.

They are supposed to celebrate game turning touchdowns and turnover causing tackles.

It is the responsibility of the Coach to instill discipline in his own players so that they do not celebrate every basic requirement that they have fulfilled.

That is not to detract from having fun on the football field. There is nothing wrong with having the spirit of the old fun bunch before their celebrations were outlawed but celebrating every meaningless play is very unsatisfying in the end and it gives your opponent fuel to stoke the fire that they will use to defeat you.

You are giving an incentive to your opponent when you perform such a thoughtless display of selfishness.

You do not see players on championship teams celebrate every tackle and every first down they accomplished like it is something special.

The team suffers from a lack of attention to the multitude of little details that whose sum leads to what we call success.

The coach must be anal retentive about these little things in order to instill discipline in his team. This is not to suggest that he goes overboard and micro manages the discipline to the point of suffocating his players with trivial things such as fining them for $1701 for forgetting to pay for a $3 water bottle at a Hotel on their away game road trip as the likes of Eric Mangini have done. You alienate your team that way.

Players must maintain discipline on the field and especially off the field for they can cause more trouble for themselves off the field even if it is sometimes through no fault of their own.

The players must be able to take criticism, not just the constructive kind, and use it to as motivation to improve upon falling short or prove their critics wrong but showing via their play that it is unjust criticism.

If their feelings get hurt at every slight from a coach or teammate or a member of the media or the fans, how are they expected to overcome opponents who know that it is easy to get them rattled because they do not like criticism and being humiliated?

Do they lack intestinal fortitude and self motivation? Are they men or mere children occupying the bodies of men?

Maybe they need to be put down and humiliated and have the whole sports world including their own fans think that they are the laughing stock of the NFL.

There is a reason why this phrase is uttered: When the going gets tough, the tough get going....

The Tough excel in situations that separate the wheat from the chaff:

Who was tough last Sunday? Other than the Detroit Lions playing their hearts out,
Jason Campbell (albeit his and his center's nervousness was obvious in the multitude of messed up snap exchanges and resulting fumbles) and Santana Moss were the tough players to get going since they were the only ones to outperform significantly amidst the abject futility on display at Ford Field.

What Campbell described as weirdness during the game was the inflection point where many sickened long time fans saw this organization for what it truly was and said they had enough of this team and its current state of futility from top to bottom and that these disgusted fans would actively root for our beloved team to not only lose but to be humiliated in order for most of these cretins that are part of our team to feel with the fans that are being abused and humiliated by their team in the following ways:

1) Lawsuits by the team against season ticket holders experiencing financial hardships due to the collapse of our economy, something that these overpaid owners and athletes know little about based on the way they relate to their fans.

2) Unending price increases in everything related to being at the game.

3) Ignorant statements coming out of players calling the people who pay their wages "dim wits" and belittling the people that make the world go round by calling their work insignificant.

4) Blaming boorish behavior on a fan base that has been conditioned into becoming inebriated via the constant Beer advert brainwashing by the primary advertisers of the National Football League.

Why not allow fans the option to consume 100% natural fruit drinks instead of drinking their brain cells into perdition?

At least it leaves them sober enough to possibly tone down their boorish behavior.

How about introducing healthy food choice alternatives?

What? you say? You won't make any money on these items since not many people want them? How do you know? Have you done surveys or had trial runs? You never know until you try.

Besides aren't you making enough money already? What's a million or two mean to you when you are making hundreds?

4) You don't want the fans to boo bad performances but you want them to pay to enjoy your awful performances.

The fans come to the game to have a good time and see their team play entertaining and tough hard nosed football and hopefully win doing so.

The fans do not come to the games to get depressed, get put down by players who constantly celebrate the littlest of their insignificant personal achievements like making a first down and making a proper technique tackle.

Are the players celebrating their measly accomplishments or are they celebrating the racking up of bonus incentive accomplishments built into their contracts?

The preceding statements were not made lightly since they comes after years of suffering experienced by actually following this team week in week out win, lose or draw (Who can forget 1997’s 7-7 overtime draw with the New York Giants that kept the team out of the playoffs by half a game.

You know, the game where our near do well QB gave himself a neck injury by smashing his head into the padded concrete wall while celebrating the team’s first and only touchdown and our #1 wideout ended our chances at salvaging a victory by drawing a penalty flag in the act of throwing his helmet and knocking the team out of legitimate field goal range near the end when 3 points would win the game all the while a perplexed Norvell Turner had no clue what was going on forgetting that the resulting mess was due to his failure to recognize that it is up to him to instill discipline in his own team if they refuse to display self discipline like real self reliant and responsible grown ups do.

Has being slighted at an officiating mistake become more important than putting your team in position to win the game?

If winning a game against your divisional rival is not as important as the validation of your reception then you don’t need your opponent to defeat you when you have willingly done it for them.

Should you run out of bounds late in the game helping your desperate opponent conserve time to leave enough time to mount a drive to beat you?

Should you go into a game thinking that every play you designed is going to work to the point that calling an audible out of that play deserves a benching?

There is a reason why they call Football a game of attrition. That particular fateful Sunday night nationally televised 7-7 draw has become what is now known as Redskins Football.

Other teams think the following: Wait for them to self destruct. They always do. They’re the Redskins after all. It’s what they do. They lack self discipline and always allow their emotional outbursts to get the best of them.

You don’t have to beat them. They will beat themselves and all you have to do is snicker and mock them for defeating themselves before you had the chance to defeat them.

This is how our team has been viewed since Coach Gibbs ended his first tenure.


Do the owners, executives, coaches and players think that any fans will care a lick about how important they are to humanity when faced with economic collapse and catastrophic earth changes that affect our lives to the point that we no longer
care about going to the games or watching them or buying their merchandize for we have more important things to do like putting food on the table and making sure we have shelter over the heads of ourselves and our loved ones?

The Washington Redskins organization needs to put this in perspective. This is a game and life is more important but people have to enjoy their life which is why they turn to sports to escape from the problems they live with.

They don't want to have more problems put upon them by selfish and ungrateful individuals masquerading around like they're the heroes when in fact they are the a part of the greater societal menace that is destroying the world that we live in for
the simple fact that they think that they are more important than the rest of the inhabitants of this planet because they are part of an elite fraternity that entertains the masses for a living.

What about the fraternity that wants to save this planet and do so for free without publicity, empty hero worship and the accolades behind it?

Care to guess who is more important to the survival of the human species?

People flaunting their vanity at every opportunity? Or the ones who are quietly going about making a difference in the real world so that humanity can survive the difficult times that lay ahead and continue to enjoy its football Sundays?

There are noble ideals that are more important than money, fast cars, flashy clothes, tattoos and jewelry and without the active effort to uphold such ideals, nothing else is possible.

Thursday, January 07, 2010

Can you spell R I C O by any other name?

Racketeer Influenced and Corrupt Organizations Act

"Geithner's NY Fed told AIG to keep quiet on deals:
Under Geithner, NY Fed told AIG to keep mum on billions paid to Goldman and others"

"WASHINGTON (AP) -- Controversial deals that sent billions of bailout dollars to Goldman Sachs and other banks were kept quiet under pressure from the Federal Reserve Bank of New York, then led by Treasury Secretary Timothy Geithner.

E-mails between lawyers for the New York Fed and bailed-out insurance conglomerate American International Group Inc. show AIG wanted to disclose some details about payments it made to banks, including Goldman and Deutsche Bank, to cancel financial deals.

But lawyers for the New York Fed, which engineered AIG's bailout with the Bush administration's Treasury Department, told AIG to remove the information from a draft.

A watchdog report has said Geithner and the New York Fed mismanaged the AIG rescue, potentially handing billions more than necessary to banks that have since recovered and are again paying record bonuses.

The New York Fed has countered that officials were focused on defusing the worst financial crisis in generations. It says officials were trying to protect the value of the taxpayer investment. And it says paying the banks less or sharing more information could have sparked a global financial collapse.

But lawmakers of both parties have criticized how Geithner and the New York Fed handled the AIG bailouts. They say Geithner went too easy on the Wall Street banks that helped elect him president of the New York Fed and has been too willing to rush to their aid."

If there's ever been a model of the tale wagging the dog and pony show that our reality has become then the AIG bailout is its poster child.

Most media outlets cannot report the billions in taxpayer theft swindle that was the AIG bailout since they are sucking at the teat of the crumbling vestiges of the military industrial complex while simultaneously having way too many of the bailed out and or beneficial factions owning shares in the companies that control mainstream media as the world knows it.

That is how you get hot headline seeking stories of rabble rousing "indignation" that 440,000 resort dollars was spent as a bonus for AIG execs while untold billions are being funneled to companies that had major hands in premeditating the planning of the bubble and partaking in defrauding everyone not on the side of their RICO racket( the guilty greedy and the clueless bystanders all together as sacrifical lambs at the Wall Street alter of Golden Calf Bull market BAAL).

The populace revolt against the fascism that has overtaken this land is getting angrier and angrier and more numerous by the day and it will not take more than a few million people marching on congress to make the point very clear.

The easiest way to get rid of the problem before the people revolt is to undertake a Department of Justice RICO investigation into the New York Federal Reserve Bank( The banking cartel that is 90% owner of the FED) and any other organizations linked in this decades long racket(Hint: Look across the Atlantic Pond).

If you give my computer trading program up close and cozy access to the see the NYSE and other market's incoming orders and allow me to front run them while simultaneously arming me with untold billions of dollars in free money via the FED's usurping of the power of the printing presses, I can also come up with record bonuses for myself and tons of other individuals and stimulate the economy by zero, nil, nadda as I park most of the money at safe interest levels with the FED and use the taxation system to my advantage to make the people of the United States continue this ponzi scheme for me and my RICO racket.

If people find out about how I make obscene sums of money without risk using the FED printing press and insider information to everything from the FED plans and minutes to order flow of trading to being handed government reports prior to their release, the Justice department will surely arrest my cartel on RICO charges shortly after removing all my minions and current and ex employees from seats of power within the "Government" that have De Facto control of.

Of course I will lawyer up and claim that I am doing GOD's work like the point men of the racket of today's world.

The only difference between my organization's plan of billions in worry free profit and the current RICO racket "rob her blind" barons is at least I'd have a tint of dignity and some humility left over and admit that I make money by sitting on the shoulders of servants who elevate me to be able to dunk the basketball without a single opponent in sight.

I'd also want to get rid of most of my misbegotten profits helping orphans and other destitute and infirm people, knowing full well that my soul is more valuable than an ephemeral world's fleetingly hollow riches.

But then again, some people have to become eternal slaves. When you divide endless sums of misbegotten money by minimum wage, the hours needed to be worked to pay back those sums to society can seem eternal.

How many will the Justice Department's RICO investigation nab?

Hundreds? Thousands?

Tuesday, January 05, 2010

The 300,000 human "beings" of Iceland VS the vestiges of imperialist scum

Here's a memo to all the presidents and rulers(self professed and or by decree)of the nations of this World:

You should take a page out of Olafur Ragnar Grimsson's playbook for dealing with economic problems that are plaguing the financial systems of your nations.

Finally, what we have here is a breakout of actual capitalist leadership coming from one of the tiniest nations on Earth.

"Iceland's president has refused to sign a controversial bill to repay $5bn (£3.1bn) to the UK and the Netherlands."

The people of Iceland do not want to hold the bag for the failure of certain banking institutions that have held hostage whole nations via the threat of: Bail us out or experience financial ruin.

Well, the reality of the end game is that these De facto financial terrorists are requesting bailouts so they can finalize the financial ruin of nations.

Apparently, their greed is insatiable and the citizens of the world must continue to feed it or they crash the World's economic systems.

It is not enough for them that they already hold a disproportionate amount of the net wealth of the World under their control in this global game of economic enslavement monopoly.

They want more, enough to bring this imperialist game of monopoly to a halt.

The Ponzi scheme that is modern economics works like this:

Governments create massive debt on one end for all their citizens to pay for while they create wealth on the other end for a continually decreasing select few to prosper from.

They are neither giving liberty nor death. They are boiling the frogs and waiting for the frogs to say enough is enough.

This current Modus operandi is nothing more than thinly veiled Fascism and at some point it stops because there comes a time when the monopoly money becomes effectively worthless due to constant inflation of the supply of it via fiat decree.(Check with Zimbabwe's leader and Weimark Republic historians if you are a leader who's prone to forgetting the past)

Instead of letting unstable and dangerously levered financial institutions fail and allowing new ones to emerge from the rubble, the majority of the bureaucrats have decided that bailing out these parasitic carnal cretins of society is the way towards a return to prosperity.

Subsidizing an economy by upwards of 20% is not a way to say the economic collapse is over when the subsidies provided a stimulus in the sum of a paltry 2.2% GDP growth.

Why don't they subsidize the increasing in rail shipping so that 17% declines in statistics to do not expose this fraud perpetrated on the fed up citizens of the United States of America.

What is more important?

Destroying the value of the dollar and making more than 300 million citizens fail via the wipe out of the value of their property and savings and social well being or bailing out a few over levered banks that will only continue to create bigger bubbles and busts until their madness is stopped?

Even going the socialist/communist solution is better than the Banker/Government Puppet fascist mess that we have right now.

The next turn of the upcoming housing and economic collapse will cause further implosions in the marked to fantasy asset sheets of banks that are already bankrupt and who continually use stimulus money to park it in the safe hands of the Ponzi grandmaster known as the "90% New York bank district private entity owned and never audited public charade" FEDERAL RESERVE.

It is no more Federal than Federal Express and it has no reserves.

It only uses the reserve of the People of the United States in working as token Hebrew slaves in order to create the value that justifies the existence of the Thin air monetary unit known as the US dollar.

President Kennedy knew this and signed a presidential executive order to abolish the FEDERAL RESERVE system before his head was abolished with bullets.

"Pending home sales fall 16 percent in Nov."

"Big carmakers report 2009 sales declines"

Let the bankrupt banks fail. That is the essence of capitalism.

You can take their human and real estate asset infrastructure and create a new banking system sans the people that levered the hell out of everything in the United States and the rest of the World.

Using the Fed's own fractional reserve system, all you have to do is create only one actual trillion dollars via newly created banking entities that are eventually publicly spun off of the socialist teat and have them start lending it out to the businesses that actually create things and employee the people of this nation.

You will not create inflation by actually lending money to businesses and people that need it(they lack it because it seems only bankrupt bankers get it for free nonetheless!).

The deflationary collapse of the already bankrupt banks will balance things out.

Yes some currently "Fat Cat Bankers" will go to the poor house.

But the flip side is you will have actual economic stability and recovery without the parasitic "Fat Cat Bankers"

Try it. What do you have to lose? More Trillions in bailouts to the black hole balance sheets of the money pit zombie banks masquerading around as the saviors of Western Civilization?

If Congress and the President of the US and the rest of the leadership is afraid of the bankers hiring hit men to take them out, then all they have to do is indict the bankers on RICO charges. That is what you do when you have an illegal and unconstitutional racket known as the FEDERAL RESERVE.

Stop being so afraid of the Boogey man bankers and their hired minions.

Show some backbone for once and prove you are working for All American People and not only for generous campaign donors.

The President of Iceland just threw the gauntlet. It's our time now.

The alternative of continuing down the current path is much worse than socialism and communism. It is a fascist road to economic hell and ruin paved with evil intentions.

Lending money out to the vulture that destroy wealth and leave the citizens destitute may get you more election money from wealthy donors but it will also get you an angry populace that eventually mobilizes to dissolve the Charter of the Union of the States of America and start fresh without the Parasites that many of our Great Presidents and founding Fathers fought against.

The People of Iceland have already gotten it and so has their president.

Are any other leaders of this planet courageous enough to step up to the plate and do likewise or will they continue to be the willing/unwilling puppets of the morally and factually bankrupt financial system?