Thursday, December 17, 2009

Republistocrats VS Demostocrats and UNcle Ben's Helipad readiness brigade

As much as the Public dislikes the fact that the FED is an authority that answers to no one and is the only "legal" corporation in the world that is not audited, there is enough suspicion to believe that the reason why CON-gress will vote to reconfirm Dr "Helipad is ready" Ben "Print it into oblivion" Bernanke is because the yes voters are "in" on the grandeur of the Ponzi scheme that is the Federal Reserve Monetary system and how it has enriched the United States for so long at the expense of impending total economic collapse and literal 3rd world infrastructure based destruction.

If the FED is audited and the world discovers the moral hazard that it is and the fact that it is running a Peter to Paul ponzi scheme, the Fed monetary unit known as the US Dollar will become worthless virtually overnight.

That is the hold you hostage fear that is being fed to the ruling political party by the FED.

The republicans, under whom so much of this mess sprouted, are(just like their partners in crime the democrats) completely morally and intellectually bankrupt and are out of ideas other than to hasten the collapse so they can return to power under the "it's the economy stupid" motif.

The Republistocrats and the Demostocrats are in a race to the bottom as a synopsis of an overfed and under motivated nation busy running over itself in the race to buy the latest gadget at Walmart,even if 4D units get trampled and attenuated in the resultant stampede.

In 12th century Turkey, Kabobs were invented in order to eat something delicious very fast and with little cost.

In the USA and Western World, Turkeys are cooked for the longest time at the highest energy cost per food unit.

Blessings are not only expected but ordered from overworked higher powers.

Reaping what someone else sows has become de rigueur.

Inheriting the Whirlwind has become a High Fructose Corn Syrup grape juice of Wrath.

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