Friday, December 04, 2009

New D' Tey of an Emperor: a planetary economic system too big to succeed

We're not here to defend Ben Bernanke. He's not devious enough to have masterminded the mess that the US and the World are in. Humanity as a whole can take the credit for that. We have fractionally reserved the end game of what is known as the science of economics.

We now know all too well that fiat monetary roads leads to hyperinflation debased bubble like productive output depressions. Debase the currency enough and print thin air backed monetary units and you too can grow the "numbers" of your economy so that the Wall Streeters can get their endless growth in order for P/E ratios not to collapse due to stagnant and declines in real economic output.

Print enough money and hand it to the banks and allow every bank to have a crude orgy around a bonfire circle of free money pumped in to buy asset classes known as investments in order to revive the nude emperor's rotting corpse.

Yesterday's Princes of Wall Street have become the hand gun toting "Print C's" of the front running darkness descent into an abyss of abysmal catastrophic collapse.

Without the wizardry of Wall Street and their fellow Gnomes of Eurasia allies and their ability to create every which way to hide inflation by stashing the(created out of thin air/ computer zero wads of cash) surplus of monetary units into every which investment under the sun, this print! print! print! game would have ended long ago on grounds of sheer absurdity alone.

It is at once sad and amusingly hilarious to watch Ben Bernanke get grilled like he is actually a maestro when he is in fact just the most prominent public face of the visible tentacles of the creature from Jekyll island.

Human beings created economics which gave birth to what is now the dominant multiplier effect form known as fractional reserve banking.

Some of us know this only works until it leads to complete and utter economic disaster on a global scale. Soon, everyone will know.

Back to Uncle "Print them" BEN "YAMIN's(Son of the right hand) out of style" Bernanke:

Ben Bernanke is a dutiful TV mugshot puppy like puppet of a sad and defunct enterprise known as thin air monetary unit printing( Thin Air Unitarian or TAU for the DAOISTICALLY inclined to have their life savings continue to decline)

He is placed on screen in order to take the heat for everybody behind the scenes where chaos is a queen reigning supreme on a soon to be $10,000 that's amore Pizza pie. He may be a student of economics and the great Depression but he was placed in power to do the exact thing needed to bring down the economy to this collapse and be prideful before taking a fall and giving us 20 pushups.

The bubbles are getting bigger and quicker in coming and going.

It is like Rowdy Roddy piper said in the film “They live”: I’m here to kick ass and chew bubble gum and I’m all out of bubble gum.

Well, we’re all out of bubbles and that leaves the ass kicking except it’s our ass that is being kicked by us because we have championed money making as the pinnacle of success more than any other human endeavor and effectively brain washed our youth into the tradition.

Parents wanted kids to become doctors mainly because doctors made lots more money than average people until doctors got ensnared in indebted servitude via usurious student loans that they struggle to pay back even with the help of 5% kickbacks from pharmaceutical corps.

Ben may have laughed a few times because the whole emperor has no clothes charade is just about up and the funny monopoly money game has been exposed.

His voice quivered at the end when his thoughts turned to the seriousness of the issue while at the same time juxtaposed with the ironic idiocy of this ponzi schemed money planet.

We are all at fault here. Some more than others. We all contribute to a system that has enslaved us rather than make us sovereign caretakers of this planet.

There is no free lunch.

The only way out of this is to get rid of money. But that requires oppositional thinking to our upheld belief system that money makes the world go around.

Money is the expression of a covet/dominate/subjugate/enslave/rinse and repeat mentality where the goal is to retire and make the next set of unfortunate new comers work to sustain us in our climb up the pyramid scheme of hollow pursuits.

There are planetary forces at play here and maybe all of this madness will be explained in the end, especially if all the secret money being made by parts of our Governments is being used to ensure the survival of our species which is a noble cause that may justify all the means in the end if we ever reach an end game to this cyclical madness.

There are better ways to go at it than keeping people in the dark. We could all work together to bring about harmony if the real threat to us is explained.

That threat is multifaceted and the first part of it is: us. Our lower self tendencies are the primary threat against our survival as a species.

Our ability to destroy ourselves has grown too big and it is making us fail.

The other threats are well known to some, scoffed at by many and ignored by most, especially the lowest part of the High fructose gluttony enslaved caste system that is footstool bound by this charadical process.

We have divided our earthly house and it is collapsing on us and we are too busy infighting while ignoring that we all descended from the same small group that survived a massive volcanic eruption some 80,000 years ago.

Our ability to continue to destroy ourselves has grown too big and it is making us fail and most are too brainwashed into a covet, consume, procreate, work to fulfill our covet needs, try to game the system so we can covet without work in order to consume not only our desired coveted items but our surroundings and consume away our bodies abilities to self repair the damage we and the world + dog causes to them with some environmental detriment and help in the process.

Welcome to the Humpty Dumpty Planet. Please provide Jockless in January Emperor with hypothermia vaccine.

In return, We'll print you an IOU unit and you can wipe your sneeze ejected byproduct with it before using it for other means.

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